Niw dirama afaan amaaraa 2012 fiqir

Post a Comment. Booda kana garuu xiiqii mootummaa Wayyaaneef jecha ilmaan Oromoo OPDO keessa jiraan tarkaanfii mataa isaanii fudhatan. Ilmaan Oromoo OPDO keessaa kan sabboonummaan itti dhagahamu duula taasisan kanaan qubsumni ummata magaalaa Adaamaabifa isaa jijjiiraa dhufeera. Oromoon heddumminaan Adaamaa keessa qubachuu fi kanaanis wal qabatee hawwiin Habashoonni magaalaa kana dhunfachuuf qabaachaa turan gufuu mudachuun isaa waan haalamuu miti. Magaalaa kana wanni adda taasisu waan lamatu jira.

Kan duraa wiirtuu ayyaana Irreecha Oromoo tahuu isii ti. Kan lammaffaa ammoo magaalaa horoota adda addaatiin wal daangessitee argamtu waan taheef yoo irratti hojjetamte magaalaa hawwata tuuristootaa fi investimentii guddaa kan tahuu dandeessuu dha. Kaayyoon Habashootaa inni guddaan Oromoo Hora Harsadii irraa fageessuun lafa investimentii fi tuurizimiidhaaf kennataa tahe kana dhuunfachuu dha. Baatees tahee Baatii lamaanuu hiikaa Afaan Oromoo kenna waan taheef heddu wal nama hin falamsiisu.

Baateen akka biyya Oromoo taate kan wallaale hin jiru. Qubsumni ummata magaalattii marsee jiruus qubsuma Oromoo ti. Afaan Oromootu dubbatama.

Walloon guutuu isaa dabalatee Baateen moodeela bareedina impaayerattii godhamtee bara dheeraaf faarfamaa jiraatte. Baateen fakkoo bareedina dhiiraa fi dubartii ti. Gabaa guddaa kan torbaan Wiixataa hunda namoota 20, caalaa hirmaachisu qabaachuun sadarkaa biyyaatti beekamti.

Kana malees Baateen maqaa sirna muuziqaa biyyattii shanan keessaa isa tokkoo ti. Baateen biyya Amaaraa malee biyya Oromoo tahuun isii hanga dagatamutti Habashootaan faarfamaa yoona geesse. Imimmaan naachaas ittiin booyeera. Kiniinaa summii kan dammaan dibanii nama liqimsiisani. Bardheengaddaa wallisaan maqaa dhawame kun maal gochuu yaalee akka harkatti fashale ni yaadanna. Ani abshaala taanaan ati gowwaa tahii yeroo hunda dugdatti na baadhuu dha.

Gaaffii mirgaa nuti kaafnu akka waan dunuunfannee nama jibbineetti ibsuu barbaadu. Akka waan nuti jibba hundee hin qabneen lafaa kaanee isaan jibbinaan isaan garuu garaa nuuf baldhatanitti of ibsuu kajeelu. Gara-baldhina keenya fudhatanii kan ofii godhatanii himachuu hin qaanfatani. Jaalala hiryoomaa, jaalala dhiiraa fi dubartiis tahee jaalala siyaasaa keessatti seerri hojjetu seera kennanii fudhachuu ti.

Ofii isaafuu dura jaalalti maal akka taate baratuu qaba. Isaan caalaa abshaala tahuu isaa itti himuufis jechoota dhedheeroo hin dubbatu. Dhimma Qubsuma Oromoo fi Magaalaalee isaa kana irratti barruu qorannoo irratti hundaawe biraatiin hanga walitti deebinutti, ammaaf nagayatti!

Email This BlogThis! No comments:. Newer Post Older Post Home. Subscribe to: Post Comments Atom.Oromo News. African News. Formerly Oromia Quarterly. Kan Hora Finfinnee sababa Finfinneen dinaan qabamtee turteef waggaa f itti irreefachuun dhowwamee ture. Kunoo injifannoon barana itti irreeffatame. Irreecha Finfinnee fi Bishooftuutti namoota milyoona 10 oltu qooda itti fudhate. Jaalaa, hariiroo fi firummaa Oromoo walii qabanisi ifatti ibsaniiru.

Both events were celebrated beautifully, successfully and peacefully.


The Irreecha of love, peace, reconciliation and unity in diversity brought together diverse cultures, people and nations together. Irreecha is the most important event season in Oromo people national and cultural calendar.

Naamusa sabni keenya Irreecha irratti agarsiise nama boonsa. Wal dhiibuu ykn wal darbachuun hin jiru. Namni wal dhagaha, wal kabaja. Bagan isinirraa dhaladhe! Irreechi Hora Finfinneetti waggaa booda kabajamaa jira.

Irreecha Taateewwan shan yaadataman keessaa. Irreecha vibe. Karrayu pic. In one Irreecha tradition, freshly cut grass and flowers are placed in water to thank God for the end of the rainy season and the beginning of spring.

They chanted, sang and waved flags and flowers.

niw dirama afaan amaaraa 2012 fiqir

City officials said they were expecting 10 million people to take part, though the final attendance figures are hard to estimate. Previously, the annual festival had been celebrated in Bishoftu, 40km 25 miles away, but similar gatherings have taken place in other parts of Oromia at different times of the year. The move to the capital, which is surrounded by Oromia, is seen by some as a recognition of Oromo culture by the authorities. For years, Oromo people had complained of cultural and political marginalisation.

Within the Oromos there are many different traditions associated with where people come from, and Irreecha brings them all together.Oromo News. African News. Formerly Oromia Quarterly. There is no doubt that he has surprised the world. During his time, he has done a lot in reforming the country and re-defining governance.

Even his opponents will admit that he has done well since coming into office. True to his word, Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed signed a peace deal between Ethiopia and Eritrea in July, putting to an end two decades of bitter relations. He promised to withdraw Ethiopian forces from the borders and end the killings.

In December, barely five months after the peace deal was signed, Ethiopia concluded all arrangements and withdrew its troops from the Ethiopian-Eritrean boarders. He re-positioned Ethiopian Airlines, making the current best airline and one of the biggest Pan-African brands in Africa. He reconciled his country with Somalia after 41 years and flights to the neighboring country resumed after four decades.

In what was the first in Africa, he reduced his cabinet members to just 20 and surprised the world when he released the list to reveal that ten out of the twenty ministers were women. Ethiopia currently has the only female president in Africa after the Prime Minister appointed Mrs. Sahle W ork-Zewde for the position of president in October. It was swiftly passed by the parliament. He promised to reach out to opposition both home and abroad, and this he did. In November, he lifted the ban on Berhanu Nega — who had been exiled for many years because of his critical views of the former regime.

He made himself an emissary in the Horn of Africa and has successfully united the region. The United Nations arms embargo and sanctions on Eritrea was lifted after Abiy Ahmed organized reconciliation between the country and its neighbors with which it was in conflict. Rather, the Oromo claim on Addis Ababa in essence is the recognition of the dynamic and necessary link between Addis Ababa and the Oromia Regional State in promoting democracy, justice and peace for the City and the Region.

The Oromo people have an immediate and unwavering interest in the peace, development, and democratic governance of the City of Addis Ababa. The converse is also true for Addis Ababa. The Oromo never employ the term to demand exclusive residency or benefit from Finfinnee. They want to erect a divide, imaginary and actual, between the citizens of the City and Oromia. They manufacture stories and myths to radicalize a segment of the population. A rose by any other name still has horns.

It is a euphemism for cultural superiority, a disguise for contempt for other cultures, and a cover for denying peoples existence as people. The primary agenda of these reactionary group is the Oromo civilization: what needs to be smashed, eradicated, obliterated is not injustice or indignity, but the revival of the Oromo culture. History teaches us that such irrational prejudice is the incubator of fascism, racism, and war.

Citizenship is a political, legal status created and determined by a State and enforced by law. Participation in the political process is a manifestation of citizenship. The State transforms its subjects to citizenship status by recognizing their rights and obligations to participate in the legislation and execution of the rules governing them.

Those without a citizenship status cannot formally participate in politics. Citizenship is not a neutral concept; it is a contested one. Part of the contest involves the primacy or preference to be given to the basis of the citizenship status itself.

Some countries accord citizenship status exclusively based on the individual whereas other countries bestow republican citizenship on the peoples that make up the State. The choice between the varieties of citizenship statuses is or should be a function of the history of the country.

Yet, the whims of political leaders and prevailing political sentiment of the times have influenced the choices countries have made.Oromo News.

African News. Formerly Oromia Quarterly. Daily Mail29 October Abiy, 42, has won global praise for forging peace with neighbouring Eritrea, announcing economic reforms and reaching out to dissidents, but is grappling with bloody ethnic disputes which have displaced some 1. Analysts see no single cause for the killing that has stretched from the countryside to the capital and left scores of Ethiopians dead. But they say Abiy, who inherited a vast, ethnically diverse nation used to the iron-fisted rule of his predecessors, has his work cut out for him as he seeks to impose his leadership without tipping into authoritarianism.

French experts are set to advise Ethiopian officials on how to open the national palace, dating back to the rule of Haile Selassie who was emperor untilto tourists. He will start in France where he will meet with President Emmanuel Macron. Ahmed will then proceed to Germany to attend the G meeting.

The Premier will address 25, Ethiopians drawn from different European countries in Frankfurt tomorrow. Moreover, he will attend the second edition of the Compact with Africa CwA meeting schedule to take place later today. At least 12 African heads of state will also attend the event.

The CwA was initiated under the German G20 Presidency to promote private investment in Africa, including in infrastructure. It brings together reform-minded African countries, international organizations and bilateral partners from G20 and beyond to coordinate country-specific reform agendas, support respective policy measures and advertise investment opportunities to private investors.

niw dirama afaan amaaraa 2012 fiqir

The initiative is demand-driven and open to all African countries. Since its launch inthe CwA has sparked great interest. Click here to read from the source, Fana. He outlined key priorities for Ethiopia including the urgent need to create more and better jobs through an expanded space for the private sector. The podcast was recorded exactly a month ago on Sep. That was not long after the confusing and deadly events that occurred around the time of the OLF and G7 rallies in Addis Ababa, which generated plenty of heated exchanges.

We go over the negative and positive aspects of the online conversation on Ethiopia current affairs and consider how the issue of a weak private press contributes to the more problematic elements. Looking ahead, we discuss what the Government can do to improve its communications and the environment for the media, and talk about the prospects for such positive change occurring in time to affect the elections.

Biyyoon isaanitti haa salphatu.

Jeg pdf afaan oromoo

BBc Afaan Oromoo. Laggasaa Abdii aartii Oromoo fi Itoophiyaa keessatti maasinqoo taphachuudhaan nama bakka olaanaa qabu dha. Artisti Wasanuu Didoo, hiriyyaa abbaa isaa Obbo Abdii yoo tahan, isuma irraa masiinqoo taphachuu barachuun yeroo umuriin isaa gara waggaa 20 tahu gara magaalaa Finfinnee dhaquun mana tiyaatiraa Haager Fiqiritti sirbuu eegale. Weellisaan kun dandeettii meeshaalee muuziqaa garaagaraa illee barachuun guddina aartii Oromoo keessatti nama shoora olaanaa bahatedha.

Artis Laggasaa Abdii bara aadde Ijjigee Ababaa waliin bultoo dhaabuun ijoollee dhiiraa afurii fi dubara sadii godhataniiru.Afaan Oromoo yeroo jalqabaatiif akka barreeffamaan dhiyaatuuf kanneen shoora Ol'aanaa taphatan Kanneen akka Dr. Mahammad Rashaadi. Ummatni Oromoo ummata afaan kushi dubbatu kan bahaa fi kaaba baha Afrikaa keessatti argaman keessaa tokko dha. Note: Citations are based on reference standards. The specific requirements or preferences of your reviewing publisher, classroom teacher, institution or organization should be applied.

Afaan Oromoo. Each and every roots of Afaan Oromo were created from either corresponding Sounds or available roots and thus, converges to sounds proximate to it. This exam is short but fun. Welcome to the second Oromo lesson about adjectives. Koottaa walwajjiin barree wal barsiifnaaHawaasni Oromoo fi Jaalattoonni Afaan Kanaa iddoma jiran taa'anii Afaan Oromoo akka baratan.

Toora Barnoota Afaan Oromoo[afaan-oromoo. Mohaammad Rashaad,Sheek Bakrii Saphaloo.

niw dirama afaan amaaraa 2012 fiqir

Gaaffi yoo qabattan: wako. Afaan Oromo - Duration: The verses chosen for each day's scripture have spiritual guidance within their own context for a clearer understanding.

DOCX 7. Oromo is an inflected language that uses postpositions more than prepositions. This phase of Qubee in its context and use drew upon political implication. Tarii akka Afaan Oromoo sirriitti jechoota sirriin fayyadamu keessattuu kan uummanni baadiyyaa itti fayyadamu akkan fayyadamu kan na taasise, isaan waliinan oolaan ture jedha Obbo Zalaalam.

"Cancala Jaalalaa" Fiilmii Afaan Oromoo Haaraa

Oromiyaatti mootumaa isa babaldhisaa, Minilik jalqaba bara dhufee qarree Inxooxxoo irratti teessoo ijaarate.Oromo News. African News. Formerly Oromia Quarterly. The following photos are released from the set of the video production on her Facebook page. Wallisaan Oromoo hangafaa fi beekamoon dhalatee waggaa 61tti adunyaa kana irraa boqochuun ibsame. Manni jirrenya isaa Finfinnee, Birbirsa Goorooti.

Hayluun abbaa ilma tokkichaa, Sanyi Hayluu Disaasaati. Bilisee boqochuu artist Hayiluu disaasaa dhaggeesse jirta?? Dhaamsa mucaa isaa sanyii Hayiluu Ergaa karaa keessaa dhuftee, mee oromoota nannoo finfinnee jiran iitti naaf dhaamigiiftiiko.

Garuu baandii sana keessatti yeroo heddu hacuucamaa gidirfamaa hidhamaa tuffatamaa akka jiru carra argatetti fayyadamee himatee ture roorroo sabaaf naa birmadhaa jedhaa ture. Oromummaan haa calaqqisu adunyaa irratti. Eebba kana irratti sabboontoti Oromoo fi aartisotooti Oromoo hedduun argamuun guddina afaanii fi aadaan Oromoo kanaan kan nu gahe qabsaawota lafeefii dhiiga akkasumas lubbuu itti wareeganii asiin nu gahe hedduu galateeffatna jechuun dhaamsota jajjaboo guddaa dabarsanii jiru.

Keessummoota argaman gaazexxessaa Ibraahim Haajii aragamanii haasaa ijaaraa fi onnachiisaa taasanii jiru. Yeroo konsertii fi eebbaa Albama kana irratti sabboonti Oromoo argamanii aadaa fi eenyummaa saba Oromoof gumaacha taasisanitti ergamtooti sirna abbaa irree Wayyaanee ammo dhimmi diaspora jechuun akkaataa itti uummata Oromoo qorqalbii cabsan irratti mariyachaa turan. Interview on OBS:.

Diiganii gaara sanaa, Gaara diigamuu hin-mallee, Nu baasaan addaan baanee, nuu addaan bayuu hin-mallee. Soorettii haadha sooree, irbaanni-rra-buusa qabaa Seeqanii sesseeqanii, kan gar gar nu baasan jaraa—yii ……………………………………………………………………… Koo Galaanee tiyyaa, Qotiyyoon abbaan didaa, yaa didaa harqootaa keessaa, Koo Galaanee tiyyaa, Qorra baraan dadhabee, morma kee jalattan dheessaaa…!!

Koo Galaanee tiyyaa, Sululta loon hin tiksuu darabaatti galchiisaa, Koo Galaanee tiyyaa, Yooman dhufee si argaa ani si irraa fagoon jiraa. Koo Galaanee tiyyaa, Farda siidaaf kaafanii, siidaa dabaliif suurii Koo Galaanee tiyyaa Erga nu dangeessanii barri turee buubbulee Koot Galaanee tiyyaa, Woddeessi ciraa gubee, Amboo irraa calaaqqisee Narraa fagaattee jedhee si yaaduun kiyya yoom hafee??

Maalan hafee, maalan…hafee, maalan hafe yaa Gaalaanee. Maalan hafee, Caccabsee na nyaate lafee…….!! Ani hin jiruu, ani, hin jiruu, Ani hin jiruu, Anii Yaa Gaalaane Kukkutee na nyaate xurii Yaa Gaalaane Cuwwaa cuwwaa jettii, simbirrooni halkanii, Yaa Gaalaanee, Cuwwaa cuwwaa jettii simbirroon halkanii Nama garaan dhaane dirmammuu hin arganii Yaa Gaalaanee Maalan jiraa maalan jiraa caccabsee na nyaatee jiraa….

Yaa Gaalaanee Maalan jiraa, caccabsee na nyaatee jiraa…. Do you know this facts about Oromo and Oromia? Ummatni Oromoo fi dargaggootni Oromoo addatti ammo barattootnii University, Kolejotaa fi Manneen barnootaa sadarkaa tokkoffaa fi Lammaffaa torbanoota lamaan darbe gaaffii sirna fi seeraa Mootu mmaan Oromiyaa akka deebisuu fi mirga abbaa biyyummaa Oromoo gaafataa turre.

Haa tahu malee gaaffii keenyaaf deebiin mootummaa human Polisa Federalaa biyyattiin qabdu hidhannoo guutuu waliinii fi waraana Agazii dargaggota, barattootaa fi ummata harka qullaa irratti bobbaasuun Oromiyaa guutuu dirree waraanaa godhee lubbuun namaa hedduu fi qabeenyi barbadaawee jira. Gaaffiin keenya gaaffii mirgaa fi seera qabeessaa waan taheef: Ummatni fi barattootni kumaan lakkaawaman kan mana hidhaa haaraa bakka bakkatti Polisi Federalaa bane keessatti dararamaa jiran hatattamaan akka gadi lakkifaman.

Galmeen hidhamtootaa kumaan lakkaawamu kunis Ummta Oromoo fi addunyaaf ifa akka tahu.Oromo News. African News. Formerly Oromia Quarterly. Amajjii January 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18, 19, 20, 21, 22, 23, 24, 25, 26, 27, 28, 29, 30, 31 …… In his interview with VOA, U. Assistant Secretary of State for Democracy, Human Rights, and Labor, Tom Malinowski discussed the current Ethiopian situation a nd his concerns regarding human right protection.

The country is under a state of emergency, and a state of emergency by definition means that certain rights are suspended. Due process is suspended. And however much the government may feel that the state of emergency has brought calm temporarily to the country, it also brings with it certain risks.

It risks adding a new layer of grievances to those grievances that initially led people in Oromia and Amhara to come out onto the streets. At first they were concerned about land seizures and lack of jobs and representation, all of which the government has acknowledge to be real and legitimate. And the longer this continues, the more those grievances are likely to build. At the same time, it risks giving greater power to the security apparatus in a way that could delay the introduction of the reforms that the Prime Minister and the government have, to their great credit, said are necessary.

Need for Meaningful Reforms, Accountability. Gabaasaa qindaawaa armaan gadii kan nama balaa san irraa hafeen nuu dhihaate kana obsaan dubbisaa. Sana booda wanti kaleessa Hora Haarsadeetti tahe maal akka fakkaatu hubannoo gahaa horattu. Yeroo dheeraaf mormiin walitti fufinsaan deemaa ture.

Waanuma godhan dhaban. Gubbaan helekoopitara nurra naanneessaa turan. Helekoopitarri marsaa duraa ergaa baga geessan jedhu gubbaa gad facaasaa ture. Sun kan akeekkameef ayyaana ummataaf yaadamee miti. Sodaachisaaf ture.

niw dirama afaan amaaraa 2012 fiqir

Yeroo helekopitarichi nurratti gad siqee naannawuu umman guutuun harka wal qaxxaamursuun mallattoo didda itti agarsiisaa ture. Haalichi cimee itti fufe. Qeerroon guutummaan iddoo silaa Opdof isaan qabachiisu barbaadan dursite ganamumaan waan qabatteef kallattii dhaban. Karaa mormii ittiin qabaneessan dhaban.


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