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Z10 medium-format and 35mm format megapixel 3x lenses,and S lenses will fit and work seemless,dual cards. Here are our first impressions using it. But now that's it's here, what is it really like to use? Find out in our initial review based on hands-on time with the camera. The R6 doesn't promise quite such headline-grabbing specs as its big brother, but it still packs a punch, whether you shoot stills, video or both. With fast burst speeds, great video quality and impressive autofocus, the 1D X III is equal parts cinema rig and sports shooter.

Find out how it fares against steep competition in our full review. Its 20MP Four Thirds sensor is paired with clever tracking audio technology, but we have our reservations. Long-zoom compacts fill the gap between pocketable cameras and interchangeable lens models with expensive lenses, offering a great combination of lens reach and portability.

Hands on: Nikon Z50 Review

Read on to learn about our favorite enthusiast long zoom cameras. These entry-level cameras should be easy to use, offer good image quality and easily connect with a smartphone for sharing. Submit a News Tip! Reading mode: Light Dark. Login Register. Best cameras and lenses. Started Aug 24, Discussions. Forum Threaded view. Aug 24, Next years Nikon Cameras Release Z10,Z3 My prediction Z10 medium-format and 35mm format megapixel 3x lenses,and S lenses will fit and work seemless,dual cards, Z3 lower price entry level 24 megapixel.

Robert Cain's gear list: Robert Cain's gear list. Pentax Optio Z10 If you believe there are incorrect tags, please send us this post using our feedback form.

Nikon Z8, Z30 & Z70 Coming in 2020

F Forum M My threads. You may also like. Nikon announces new Z50 'Creator's Kit' with a slew of accessories at a discount. Nikon releases major firmware updates for its Z6 and Z7 cameras, minor update for the Z Nikon adds 20mm F1. Latest sample galleries. Leica MR Sample Gallery. Nikon Z mm F Sony mm F4. Latest in-depth reviews. Latest buying guides. Best enthusiast long zoom cameras. Canon EOS R5 initial review. Canon EOS R6 initial review.

Canon EOS R5 5. Most bookmarked in this forum.Meet the Z series mirrorless camera for the rest of us. Insanely small. Dead simple to use. Connected to your phone. Ready to transform you into a pro-caliber creator. A wider mount means more light, and more light means more of everything good—sharpness, contrast, focusing speed, low light performance and image quality.

Shoot a clip, trim it right in the camera, send it to your phone and post it without missing a beat. Turn an ordinary moment into an epic FPS slow motion p Full HD video, great for bending time, speed ramping and more. Z 50 delivers the award-winning performance of Z series in the smallest interchangeable lens DX-format camera ever.

No need to baby this baby. Easily transfer photos and videos from the camera to your phone, and even use your phone as a remote monitor to see what Z 50 sees, adjust camera settings, take pictures and record video. With a Get creative with unique mood-setting filters and effects. Z 50 includes 20 high quality Creative Picture Controls and 10 Special Effects, all of which can be previewed in real-time and applied to both photos and videos. When you need to be a fly on the wall—capturing intimate moments, candid portraits, wildlife, music and more—turn on Silent Photography Mode and shoot in complete silence.

Electronic Viewfinder is slightly extended for a more comfortable glare-free fit against your eye. Extreme attention was paid to the placement of each button and dial for comfortable, efficient handling. You can feel the quality.

Well balanced, deep grip, magnesium alloy construction It activates when you bring the camera to your eye, and it shows you exactly how your photos and videos will look—preview Creative Picture Modes, filters, effects and camera settings in real time.

Your lens collection can grow with your creative aspirations. Customize your Z 50 to match your one-of-a-kind style with one of four newly designed camera bags. Based on the sensor design from high end DSLRs, this remarkable new Z series camera incorporates the same focal-plane phase-detection AF sensor found in full-frame Z series cameras; capturing staggering detail, even in challenging light.

Z 50 shines in low light. Shoot stills up to ISO 51, with virtually no noise—great for low-light indoor shots or outdoors after dark. Lightweight, durable and sleek, the Z 50 stays true to the Z series design concept of putting the image creator first. Weighing just 14 ounces, the camera body is easy to carry and will feel like an extension of the user.

Authentic controls and dials, state-of-the-art touch LCD technology and an ergonomically shaped grip are just some of the features that define the image creation experience. Minute details have even been fine-tuned to improve comfort, operation and style, including the sensation of the pressurized button clicks, the feel of the rugged metallic structure, the finesse of the body design and the ability to take photos in complete silence, so you can enjoy capturing moments without fear of interrupting them.

The short, 16mm distance from the mount to the image sensor enables more flexible lens design and a smaller camera body. This combination allows engineers to use light more effectively, and develop lenses with outstanding optical performance, providing even higher resolution and more beautiful bokeh.

The Z 50 can be used with the dedicated kit lenses, but is also compatible with a growing lineup of superb Nikkor Z lenses and utilizing the Mount Adapter FTZ its also compatible with approx. Put Z 50 to your eye, and the high-resolution organic EL panel automatically turns on and gives you a brilliant, sharp view without any glare.

When shooting video, you often want to use different camera settings than those you need for stills. Z 50 lets you separately save the most appropriate settings for each shooting mode and then change smoothly between them with the flick of a lever.

The i menu is fully customizable, letting you choose your 12 most frequently used settings and arrange the order for convenience. You can quickly change these while confirming the results in real time — all without taking your eyes off your subject.

Not all 4K is equal. With an outstanding DX-format image sensor, Expeed 6 image processing and the power of the larger Z mount, Z 50 records 4K UHD videos with dazzling cinematic depth and clarity.Z series cameras have the widest lens mount of any full-frame or DX digital camera.

This means more light. More light means faster performance. Sharper images. Z series cameras are simply stunning, inside and out. These are cameras crafted for those who create. A legacy of innovation and know-how goes into every Z series camera. These cameras achieve a thrilling new level of image quality capable of inspiring some of your greatest creations. Your exposure, ISO, white balance, Picture Control and creative filters are all applied in real time. Shot too dark?

Make changes without taking your eye off your subject. Z series cameras work with approx. Your vision has no limits. This is 4K as it was meant to be. Turn an ordinary moment of action into something epic. Z series cameras create amazing time-lapse videos right in the camera with exposure smoothing and extended low-light metering range—great for star trails and lightpainting. Z series Mirrorless Cameras A system only Nikon could create.

The Collaborator. Learn More. The All-Arounder. The Perfectionist. Z series Highlights. Gallery Z series Photo and Video Gallery. The advantages of mirrorless combined with the legacy of Nikon.

A bigger mount. What a bright idea. More about Z mount. Small and mighty. Next-level image quality. Photo taken with: Z 6. What you see is what you get. More about Z series Viewfinder. Superior optics.The Nikon Z50 is a The company says the camera is designed to attract a generation of users who don't consider themselves to be photographers.

Alongside the camera, Nikon has announced two lenses designed for this sensor size: a mm F3. The adapter is not included in any of the kits announced so far. We take a look at what it offers and how it squares up to its rivals.

Nikon Z1 rumors grow with new "leaked" image

Read more. The Z50 is based around an updated version of the It still looks pretty good against the competition. The Z50's video looks good and it's one of the easiest cameras to shoot both stills and video with.

We found a lot to like about the Z50 but it has some very capable rivals in better-established systems. I wanted a smaller camera to pack on the motorcycle so the Z7 wouldn't be at risk so it had to be light, and not too expensive. Ended up with the Z50 as it filled the bill as well as able to take by Z mount lenses AND any F mount I had Fujifilm cameras were really my other choice but they were more expensive and I'd have to spend money on lenses on top of that.

I ended up adding the mm "kit" lense and carrying it with me when we walk the dogs. Holy Moly does it come in handy. It's very unfair to the camera but my expectations were low -and they were exceeded by an order of magnitude. By biggest complaint - it ain't no D neither is the Z7. Dang SD card slot is in with the battery - I think I have finally trained myself to take the card out vs the battery! I wish it had a faster card or used XQD cards.

Perhaps Nikon could build a semi-pro version? I have a canon T2i and four compatible lenses. I'm an enthusiast, but no expert. However, I've always read e. But I've been looking on Flickr, and the typical picture from the Z50 is much better than the typical picture from M-6 M2. It would be easier for me to buy the Canon or perhaps the T8i whenever it comes out and is reviewed.

The M-6 M2 seems to have some noise issues same as the 90d due to the same sensor - I was really waiting for a 7D M iii but that seems to have been cancelled. I shoot a lot of birds, but also landscapes, street and the insides of churches on vacations. But this looks like a great camera based on the volume of Flickr Pics.Nikon kicked off its Z system in style last year, launching two models at the same time to entice the widest crowd possible. The naming convention chosen by Nikon for the series suggests that such a model could be dubbed the Nikon Z3 or Nikon Z1, and an image purportedly of the latter model has now surfaced.

Nikon Rumors asks " Is this the new entry-level Nikon Z mirrorless camera?

Nikon Z50 review

But we're not convinced. There's good reason to believe that a model aimed at a much more junior audience would break from convention a little, but this looks more like an elaborate Photoshop job than anything else. One giveaway is the fact that the Z1 logo isn't in the same bottom-right-hand place as it is on the Z6 and Z7. The fact that the 'Z' isn't in the same style as it is anywhere else Nikon uses it makes it look even more suspicious. The 'FX Mirrorless Z-mount' text on the mount is also inconsistent with what we've seen before, while the Auto icon on the mode dial isn't green like it is on the Z6 and Z7, but white.

The fact that the icons on this dial run in the opposite direction to the ones on the Z6 and Z7 is also curious, although this could be explained by the fact that it's positioned on the other side of the viewfinder chamber to where it sits on the Z6 and Z7. It seems certain that Nikon's next move for the Z system would be to introduce a more affordable body than the two it currently offers, but our money is on something that looks a little different to this one.

nikon z10

Please deactivate your ad blocker in order to see our subscription offer. Nikon Z7 review The naming convention chosen by Nikon for the series suggests that such a model could be dubbed the Nikon Z3 or Nikon Z1, and an image purportedly of the latter model has now surfaced. Image Credit: Nikon Rumors But we're not convinced.

The mode dial on the Nikon Z6 has the Auto icon in green It seems certain that Nikon's next move for the Z system would be to introduce a more affordable body than the two it currently offers, but our money is on something that looks a little different to this one.

nikon z10

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Learn More. Aside from a few niggles, like the lack of a USB-C port or headphone jack, it has a very well-rounded specs and features list.

nikon z10

Looking for a small, light mirrorless camera with smartphone-beating image quality and handling? This is all quite confusing, but it means two things for the Nikon Z Related: Best mirrorless camera. The reason?

nikon z10

Unlike on Sony cameras, this menu is touch-enabled and makes for a speedy way to quickly tweak settings, like the AF mode. Are there any downsides? Related: Best cameras.

It may not have the full-frame sensor shared by the Nikon Z6 and Z7, but the Nikon Z50 has very strong shooting credentials thanks to its What else can the Z50 do? There are two other main differences from the Nikon Z6. And it also has a pop-up flash, which you can find in the side of the EVF.

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