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Your own music or your favorite tune if unavailable can be fabricated and installed in one of our quality music boxes. Com carries the finest of Imported and Domestic boxes.

Quality marquetry and inlaid patterns from the best of Italian, German and Swiss Companies. Also see our own exclusive cabinets for your custom music box. If you are looking for ideas, you may browse through our many Collections or Categories listed in the music box category list on the right of this page at the bottom if you are on a mobile device.

When you see something that interests you, click on it for further information and a larger graphic. Please Scroll to below images to see more options and information regarding our custom music boxes. A custom-made music box is the perfect gift for any family member, friend or loved one.

Our high-quality craftsmanship shines through on every personalized music box, mechanism, movement and disc we sell. These music boxes include either a tune from our ready made tune lists or a fully customized tune. A person's own composition or an unavailable tune may require copyright permission can be fabricated and installed in one of our music boxes to create a magical gift that lasts a lifetime.

Creating a personalized cylinder or disc music box with a custom song is a time-consuming and dedicated process. Cylinder music boxes use perfectly placed pins on a rotating metal cylinder that come up under the comb and strike the appropriate prongs or tines of that comb.

The longer prongs on the comb create lower notes while the shorter ones culminate in higher notes. Disc player music boxes depend upon a custom disc punched exactly to create chads that protrude downward, strike star wheels and which in turn come up under the tines of the player's comb. A custom cylinder mechanism may be completely manufactured for you directly from Reuge or Sankyo or a base can re-pinned and comb machined and replaced by one of our artisans here in the states.

You then may select any one of our appropriately sized Italian Inlaid cabinets to house your customized mechanism. Discs can be fabricated to play on the well known Vintage Thorens, Reuge or Romance players that are available in our Disc Player Department or on our own beautifully designed cabinets. A simple score or sheet music is needed for the arranger to "set-up" and an.

Within a short while we are able to send you a keyboard music box simulation for your approval. It will be a note by note version of how your melody will play but not having the exact tonality of a true music box.

Upon your approval, production will begin and a personalized music box with your custom song will find its way to you for your own keepsake or as the perfect gift. We have an extensive inventory of ready made tunes and melodies.

If your desired song is in our tune lists, it is a simple matter to install it in a cabinet of your choice. Italian Marquetry is available in many themes or our photo insert boxes allow you to customize even further.Matt Richardson shows how you can use an old MP3 player to convert a cigar box into an electronic music box. This project makes a wonderful, customized gift for someone you love.

I was so fascinated by the mechanics inside the little box that I had spent a lot of time watching the movement turn. I asked around for some advice on how to do it and got a lot of great suggestions such as using an Arduino Wave Shieldan MP3 trigger board, or my favorite idea, one of those electronic musical greeting cards. Using a snap action switch inside a cigar box, I was able to control the music by opening and closing the lid, just like with a mechanical music box.

I found a pair of cheap speakers that had a headphone jack so that I could easily plug them into the MP3 player. I wanted to be able to access the MP3 player as a data drive and charge it up without awkwardly plugging a cable into the MP3 player directly, so I added a panel mount female USB B jack to the back of the box and plugged it into the MP3 player inside the box.

Loading songs into the music box becomes a cinch when you just plug the USB cable from your computer into the back of the box and then drag the files to the drive.

The MP3 Music Box makes a great, customized gift for anyone. You can see in the video that I turned mine into a Wii Remote box and added 8-bit video game style music to it. Latest Matt Richardson. By Matt Richardson Matt Richardson. MP3 Music Box. Related Stories from Make:.

Send this to a friend Your email Recipient email Send Cancel. Thanks for signing up. Please try again.You've come to a special place, where every person is welcomed with open arms and every customer is a family member. Music Box Attic not only provides the most unique gift ideas you'll ever come across, but an unparalleled 5 star custom service experience. Our products are innovative, unique, one of a kind and completely custom created. Give the gift of music and capture the memories forever!!!!

Delivery was perfect and timely. His knowledge and advice ensured that I got the perfect gift for my girlfriend. Emails were answered the same day I sent them, always addressing any quest Music Box Attic Canoga Ave. We are shipping Daily, click here for more info Toll Free: Direct: Have a question? Custom Tunes. Premium brass "Plaque Engravement" services. Developed by YourStoreAddons. Music Box Attic is shipping daily and is here for you to provide all of our regular services.

Our priority is the safety and wellbeing of our employees and our family members.

music box song

We want you to know that during such ever-changing times as these our fulfillment and order processing might experience delays at any moment, but as of now we are fully operational and working safely and serving you to meet all your requests.

We are not accepting walk-in orders at this time, we can ship anything to you quickly. Our goal is to provide a smile and a lifelong memory to your loved ones during difficult times such as these. If there is anything we can do, please don't hesitate to reach out, our chat is usually open the entire day. If you see something on our website that you absolutely love and for whatever reason are not able to afford it during these difficult times, reach out and let us know, we would love to help based on each individual's needs and situation.

We are doing our best to provide daily discounts and free shipping on all orders to help as much as possible on our end. Please note you might see more than usual out of stock items as many suppliers are unable to ship or provide regular services at this time.

We suggest you not wait too long if you see an item you like as it is possible it will sell out and replenishing the stock is going to take some time.You've come to a special place, where every person is welcomed with open arms and every customer is a family member.

Music Box Attic not only provides the most unique gift ideas you'll ever come across, but an unparalleled 5 star custom service experience. Our products are innovative, unique, one of a kind and completely custom created.

Give the gift of music and capture the memories forever!!!! Delivery was perfect and timely. His knowledge and advice ensured that I got the perfect gift for my girlfriend. Emails were answered the same day I sent them, always addressing any quest Music Box Attic Canoga Ave.

We are shipping Daily, click here for more info Toll Free: Direct: Have a question? Custom Tunes. Fan-Attic Deals. Need help or have questions?

Personalized Music Box

Wind Up Music Box List Please note, not all of the song on the listening station are available excluding the 72 note and some of the 50 note movementsplease check the actual item's tune list for the available songs, we leave songs for you to listen to even if they are not in stock, but the item you are interested in has the current up to date list of available songs!

Here we have created a way for you to listen and preview some of the most popular tunes that you guys usually have requests about. Please allow up to a few minutes for the files to load. If you have broadband there should be no problems at all listening to the tunes. Below are samples of Just click on the link and hear them play. If there are any questions, please don't hesitate to contact us. Most of the tunes listed will be available, some may not be at a particular time!

In addition, please note that the recordings are not the same quality as it would be when the musical box is right in front of you!

How-To: MP3 Music Box

You may need to adjust the volume for cetain songs, as not all are recorded to perfection rather to give you a good sense of what to expect. If you experience any problems, please email us immediately with your difficulties! You need the Windows Media Player, this is your default windows media.

If you do not have it download it here! Schonberg America the Beautiful - Samuel A.At The Music House Shop, we are proud to offer you this extensive range of unique and beautifully crafted musical items which will surely be treasured gifts forever Our Swiss and Italian cabinets housing their mechanical music and musical pocket watchesetc.

They too, will be cherished as heirlooms by all who receive them. A music box most usually, enchants and charms young listeners and even captivates them with its moving mechanical parts and listening to the lilting melodies as it plays well known music is definitely educational. Purchasing a music box for an infant is the perfect gift to develop cognitive and motor skills. Children continue to receive these benefits from their treasured gifts and as they grow older and into parenthood, look forward to passing their treasured musical box on to their own children or grandchildren.

We also carry decorative miniature instruments not to play but to enjoy as treasured trinkets. The Music House Shop takes pleasure in catering to your needs. We are dedicated to quality products, on time delivery with prompt and excellent customer service. At our store, you will find customized music boxes into which you can install your own original music, a licensed song or a tune from our tune lists. These personalized music boxes are a great way to say you care when presenting as a gift and they will be cherished for a life time.

music box song

You can find a variety of musical jewelry boxes available in different designs in our store. Some jewelry boxes can even be crafted with your own composition.

A very personalized customization for you or yours. We pride ourselves in having an enormous selection of fine and upscale music boxes that can be unique, romantic, friendly, or just whimsical for the lady or gentleman in your life, a dear friend, the new baby, or older children and grandchildren. We promise You won't find better service than ours in our Musical Industry. In-depth answers to all of these questions can be found on our FAQ page.

Music Box Fun

Please be sure to scroll downward to see all and browse each. What are music box movements and how are they different? What types of wood and colors do music boxes come in?

What are music box inlay patterns? Can you customize a music box? Are custom tunes available for music boxes? How do you properly care for a music box and keep it running properly? Can you restore a music box that is broken or not performing well?We can install songs into our Italian Jewelery boxes and some others. You can also just buy the mechanism by itself. We only carry the finest musical mechanisms, both in sound quality and durability.

Click on any listing below to go to that category. All tunes repeat after the cylinder has made one full revolution. Same As Click here to see the selections of boxes. Put your tune request in the "Special Comments" area on the order form.

Winter Vivaldi. The origin of music boxes can be traced back toto Antoine Favre, the watchmaker from Geneva, who fathered nearly two centuries of mechanical dreams. At first merely a gadget incorporated in watches, perfume bottles, pendants, etc. Order on-line. Our Favorite Links suttercreek.

The wire can be bent to fit various configurations.

The Musical Box (Genesis song)

Each mechanism DOES come with the winding key. See Below. When you place the order, put the song title from our tune list in the Special Comments area of the order form.

Roddy Ricch - The Box [Official Music Video]

Click here to see the selections of boxes 18 note Tune List. Box Sutter Creek, CA e-mail: musicboxcompany comcast. Category Listings. How To Install A Mechanism. Map It.Skip to main content Personalized Music Box. In Stock. Absolutely in love with this! I got it for my mom as a mother's day gift, It's always been the song she sang to me and now my kids.

The personalized message makes it so sweet and sentimental. I know she is going to love it! I would certainly recommend! Add to cart. Currently unavailable. Love this little music box. My very favorite song with a nice sound for a tiny box. See All Buying Options. I was considering buying this for my daughter but I had trouble deciding because I couldn't see the top of the box in any pictures here. I looked online and saw that the top is a silver heart like in the front.

I went ahead and bought this and I was not disappointed. It's looks very fine and I really like it. I am planning to have my daughter's name engraved on it. Only 5 left in stock - order soon.

music box song

The box does not open and the music doesn't play for very long. But a nice music box for the money and suits the purpose. Name engraved music box with floral frame and butterflies, choose your color and song, additional engraving to the bottom side is available. In stock. I bought this music box for my daughter's birthday who lives out of state.

I had never ordered from this company before, or a product like this before, and felt like I was taking a risk with it, but I have to say I am so glad I did!!! She is absolutely thrilled and she was so impressed with the quality!

She said it was the best gift she'd ever received. Based on the pictures she sent me, I too, am very happy! Thank you for helping me make this a special birthday for my daughter!! I would definitely recommend simplycoolgifts!!! Only 12 left in stock - order soon. This is such a cute idea. I bought this and we have enjoyed punching out the music and then playing the music. I have even created my own music.

Personalized Elephant Ballerina Jewelry Box. I ordered this box about a week ago and recieved it today! Just the way I wanted it.


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