Mercedes sprinter starts idle

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Am I killing my diesel sprinter by letting it idle? Thread starter Jumbuck Start date Dec 18, Jumbuck Seasoned Expediter. I cannot afford an expensive heater right now, so I HAVE to let me sprinter idle sometimes for hours at a time to stay warm.

But when I get up in the morning and take off, it smokes like crazy until wikitude ionic 3 warms up again. My question is, is this damaging my engine at all? After it reaches operating temperature, it doesn't smoke at all.

Anyone offer any suggestions or help as to this problem? Reactions: SimpleTrucker. Always wondered that also Get a big buddy LP heater. Turtle Administrator Staff member.

Jumbuck said:. I HAVE to let me sprinter idle ChanceMaster Expert Expediter.

Mercedes-Benz Starts eSprinter Production At The Dusseldorf Plant

Also have heard that a low rpm idle does not allow oil to lubricate the engine properly. I really like the idea of the idle stick raising the RPMs. I never woulda thunk of that!

I wonder if you can install a EGR block off plate and delete the dpf. I know on a GM and Ford diesel you can. I also have the EGR block off plate in the truck just waiting for my tune so I can install the plate this week.

Turtle how much boost are they requiring at idle for a sprinter?? At rpm my boost is. If I hit the high idle it stays the same. During warm up the vanes close on my turbo and it only goes as high as 3 pounds during warm-up, but that is controlled by the ECM.

Do the Sprinters require a high boost at idle to keep the seals lubed?? Do Sprinters use VVT's?? You are also slowly plugging up the catalytic converter The driver in my son in laws sprinter had the check engine light come dfp sample ads. Last edited: Dec 19, Mercedes Sprinter Starts Idle.

On the other hand Sprinters hold their value very well. With our extensive coast-to-coast inventory, we can locate a used Mercedes-Benz sprinter van for sale. Complimentary services include car washes, Mercedes-Benz courtesy vehicles for extended repairs, multi point vehicle inspections and much more. The new Sprinter has many class-leading features, and now many of the previous optional extras come standard. It is most common on ambulance conversions, and those using the truck for other commerical purposes.

There can be many reasons behind an engine not starting. This campervan conversion project was to transfer a long wheel base Mercedes-Benz Sprinter and convert it into a campervan large enough and fully equipped for 2 motorcycles and 2 adults.

Mercedes-Benz production will wind down starting in Vance on Monday for two weeks, and the disruption could last longer. Start the engine and allow it to idle. The latter actually causing slightly bent shaft on the starter, but most newer starters, especially on Chrysler products are gear driven, which the Sprinter was a Dodge design and while Mercedes owned Chrylser, took that design on and renamed it Mercedes.

We checked the O ring on the fuel pressure regulator and it's OK. This Mercedes-Benz car dealership is the best full-service dealership in the Fort Lauderdale area, offering an extensive selection of used luxury cars, trucks and SUVs. Orders and registrations between 1 July — 30 September Mercedes-Benz introduces the L and reinvents the light truck segment.

Our support doesn't stop once you drive off the lot in your new van. For many, this price may not be exactly the number you were looking for in order to become the owner of a Sprinter. Find out how to convert your mercedes sprinter. View all new Mercedes-Benz models Engine Type: 2. Set temperature to the coldest setting. This just hap. In October Mercedes-Benz launched it range of Sprinter large vans, where it was offered in a bewildering array of no less than 43 variants covering panel vans, cab-chassis and dual cab-chassis.

Our goal: to use digital opportunities to make your business even more efficient. Park your Sprinter on level ground. The Mercedes-Benz Sprinter is not lacking in terms of safety and technological features. Mercedes-Benz is working on an all-new Sprinter, but testing appears to be in the mule phase. In many ways, the Mercedes Sprinter has come to define the large van sector.

The new infotainment system is just the start of the Sprinter's interior overhaul. This is the only resetting procedure available.The eSprinter is assembled alongside the conventional version and will be available in two battery versions: 35 kWh three battery modules and 55 kWh five battery modules.

We were previously expecting 41 kWh and 55 kWh versions. As the range is expected at just km 71 miles with 35 kWh or km miles with 55 kWh, we assume that the eSprinter is now just the first approach and will be followed by bigger battery options at a later point in the future. Having a smaller battery has one advantage aside from lower pricethe payload is up to 1, kg, compared to kg with 55 kWh pack.

The production of the fully electric eSprinter marks the beginning of a new era in Dusseldorf. Building the eSprinter in Dusseldorf is a next step for the future of the plant and for the manufacturer itself. The eSprinter is, in fact, the second all-electric model after the eVito. Mercedes-Benz Vans soon to offer four models:. The Stuttgart-based manufacturer has been building its globally successful vans in Dusseldorf since Ever since, the plant has continually developed to become in recent years the leading Sprinter plant worldwide and to serve as a benchmark for the other locations.

The implementation of future-oriented technologies and production methods as well as their consistent testing benefits the entire production network of Mercedes-Benz Vans. More than 4. The result will be enormous flexibility and the ability to meet both customer and market requirements. Besides the comprehensive investments in the production systems, the plant has also been massively investing in the basic and advanced training of its own employees.

Since the decision was made to build the eSprinter in Dusseldorf, the plant has become the competence centre for electric drives and has developed the requisite expertise. To date over 2, employees have been trained for handling and assembling the high-voltage technologies. Mercedes-Benz Vans banks on sustainability not only in the products that it consistently electrifies and further optimises, but in particular in its own production as well.

The goal is to make all van production CO 2 -neutral by The CO 2 balance sheet of transportation within the plant is also being addressed: at present, new mobility systems, such as on-demand plant shuttles, are being implemented in Dusseldorf.

In addition, since the Dusseldorf plant has already been a paperless factory and is increasingly relying on automatically guided fuel-cell vehicles. All these measures supplement one another and promote the speedy realisation of the ambitious objectives set by the plant itself, to make a lasting contribution to climate protection. The Mercedes-Benz eSprinter is intended to cover the broadest possible range of use in urban mobility.

Its maximum loading volume is A flexible payload and battery concept moreover allow adaptation to individual needs for practical use as the customer can choose between three or four battery units.

mercedes sprinter starts idle

In North Rhine-Westphalia alone,people work in about companies. One third of all German automotive suppliers is at our home. To sustain this value chain, we need to push the transformation of the industry. Therefore, the state government has the goal of making North Rhine-Westphalia a pioneer, driver and catalyst of electromobility. On the way to a sustainable change in traffic and more effective climate protection, we want to make our state the lead provider and -market for electromobility along the entire value chain.

Sprinter Smart Idle™ Control Module for 2019 & 2020 Sprinter (907)

This ranges from the research production battery cell in North Rhine-Westphalia to innovative solutions from suppliers to the production of sustainable automobiles like the eSprinter.

The fact that Mercedes-Benz has the electric Sprinter produced at its largest transporter plant in Dusseldorf worldwide strengthens the location and is another example of innovative electric mobility 'made in North Rhine-Westphalia'. This decision fits in perfectly with our goals for maintaining a competitive automotive industry of the future. I very much welcome the decision to build the eSprinter here and appreciate how this decision will safeguard the future of the location.

In the coming years, electric drives will come to prevail more and more and become a mighty pillar in our product portfolio, which above all will govern the urban, commercial sector. To implement this measure, we are building up our plants and investing — even in economically challenging times — to create the basis for our further economical success.

Dusseldorf is of central importance for our production, and consequently we quite deliberately started production of the new eSprinter here. Altogether, we have carried out the modifications within one year and invested several million euros — a clear indication of our commitment to the site.

In the past years we've demonstrated our efficiency and our ability to integrate even advanced technologies and methods in our production fast and effectively.The Mercedes-Benz Sprinter is a full-size van that's offered in several versions.

It comes in cargo two-seatercrew five-seater and passenger as high as fifteen-seater configurations. From there you've got three available roof heights, two wheelbase choices and two engines to choose from. Mercedes even offers some of its latest technology features, including its MBUX infotainment system, which provides robust voice command functionality.

They're also typically less expensive. But the Sprinter is the most refined of the bunch and offers a superior driving experience. Whether you're looking for an airport shuttle van, a massive cargo van for package delivery, or a recreational van to unplug from city life, the Mercedes-Benz Sprinter has you covered. The Mercedes-Benz Sprinter is a full-size van available in cargopassenger and crew configurations.

All vans come in inch and inch wheelbase lengths, and the longer-wheelbase versions are also available in extra-long cargo and crew configurations. A choice of high roof or standard roof is available on all three configurations. Mercedes also offers regular and models and heavy-duty and models.

The standard engine on and models is a turbocharged 2. Optional on models and standard on and models is a 3. Rear-wheel drive is standard and all-wheel drive is optional.

Cargo and crew vans can be equipped with driver-compartment partitions, a roof fan or heatera fixed rear sunroof, roof rails and various interior storage options. The passenger van can be equipped with rear air conditioning. Be the first to write a review.

mercedes sprinter starts idle

We suggest taking a look at the Metris if you like the idea of Mercedes-Benz quality in a utilitarian package but the Sprinter is just too large. Among small cargo vans, the Metris offers one of the most refined driving experiences. It has higher-than-average interior space and impressive towing and hauling capability. It doesn't offer as many high-tech features or as many available configurations as the Sprinter, but the Metris is still a top choice in its class.

The Sprinter retains its class-leading interior quality, but the Ford Transit is hot on its heels when it comes to powertrains and available features. Now available with all-wheel drive, the Transit gives you a choice of three engines.This controls, as the name suggests, the fuel rail pressure.

Mercedes sprinter w906 with Audio15 bluetec AdBlue DELETE by OBD2

It relies on the seal made between a single small O-ring which is backed by a split fibre backing ring. What happens over time is that the O-ring wears and often fails allowing pressurised fuel to bypass the valve and ebb away the required running pressure that the injectors need.

Often the problem becomes more noticeable once the engine is warm and poor starting results. Usual symptoms for this can be laboured starting when warm and occasional non starting, if the fuel rail cannot maintain the required minimum of approximately bar at crank to allow the injectors to fire. If it is possible to monitor rail pressure using Live-Data, you may see the rail pressure dancing between and bar.

Instability of pressure when holding a steady throttle will be the clue as to a problem with the fuel pressure control. Remove the two opposing pins on the regulator flange left and right as fitted.

Keeping the device clean, remove both the green O-ring and fibre backing ring from the tip of the regulator and replace with new components. Refit the regulator assembly to the rail. It makes it easier if you have the left hand threaded pin in place in the regulator flange mounting hole, before offering it into place.

Back of the fuel rail where the regulator mounts normally hidden from view. It is important to note that a failing fuel injector can also deprive the fuel rail of its operating pressure.

See this interesting and descriptive forum post regarding leak-off testing. Fuel rail pressure regulator seal kit part number. Hi Dennis Thats fantastic.!

Diesel or Gas, Whatever Works for You.

So glad it helped you out. All the best Steve. I have the sprinter on a year. So do you know if this kit will fit it? Hi James, The pressure regulator on the later sprinters is sold as a complete regulator rail by Mercedes as a new part. If you shop around you can get a good used part for about GBP from such as Ebay like this one here. Once tightened correct fuel delivery is restored. May be worth investigating.Piezo High Pressure Common Rail Basic Information The high pressure pump builds rail pressure and delivers it to the fuel rail manifold where it flows through the injector lines to the injectors.

The fuel pressure regulator in the high pressure pump and the pressure regulating valve in the rail control rail pressure. The injectors have a piezo stack instead of an electromagnetic solenoid.

When energized, the piezo crystals expand, lifting the control valve off of its seat via a hydraulic coupler connecting plunger below to begin injection. If the valve seat in the injector is leaking or the pressure regulating valve leaks then it will not build enough rail pressure to start the engine. Do Not use your fingers to find leaks!

High pressure fuel entering your bloodstream may result in amputation or loss of life. The exhaust may need disconnected or a test pipe temporarily installed to diagnose smoking issues.

mercedes sprinter starts idle

Black smoke related problems will often cause frequent regenerations and premature DPF loading. If the smoke clears in less than 1 minute, this could be normal depending on temperature and altitude. Blue white smoke that burns your eyes is UN-burnt fuel. Cold temperatures, high altitude and excessive idle time all mean incomplete combustion.

Measure before and after the fuel filter to verify any possible filter restrictions. The fuel supply system also provides pressure to the return, or back leakage, side of the injectors. The tip of the fuel pressure solenoid uses a knife edge, for metal to metal sealing. The knife edge actually deforms the metal in the fuel rail in order to seal the surfaces. The solenoid must be replaced if it is removed from the rail.

The solenoid controls and maintains the rail pressure as commanded by the ECM. During starting the fuel pressure solenoid is held closed by magnetic force to allow enough pressure for starting. When plugged in, the fuel pressure solenoid should not leak any fuel out of the return during cranking. The high pressure pump is driven by the camshaft, and requires no timing.

Fuel that enters the high pressure pump is pressurized between bar 2, — 23, psi. The pressurized fuel is then supplied to the fuel rail. The high pressure pump and flange located behind the pump are supplied as an assembly. Fuel passages and control elements in the flange regulate the flow of fuel to the high pressure pumping chambers, and control the lubrication of the pump. They must be replaced when removed, they are one time use only! If they are not replaced it will most likely lead to the injectors coming loose while running, and possible damage to the cylinder head.

The injectors incorporate piezoelectric actuators required for high-speed activation. The higher switching speed allows the intervals between individual fuel injections to be reduced and controlled more precisely. This feature contributes to a quiet and more efficient engine. The engine requires a high number of injections during normal operation.

At an engine speed of rpm for example, the ECM may activate the injectors up to times every second. Enough energy needs to be quickly stored to activate the injectors within these time constraints. It takes about PSI rail pressure in order for the injectors to deliver fuel for starting. The injectors also require low fuel supply pressure on the return side to function. Without back pressure the hydraulic coupler connecting plunger will have excessive clearance and the piezo actuator will not function correctly.The points covered here are some common failures and do not represent an exhaustive list of issues that may be causing problems with your vehicle.

You may find at least some clues that help towards your own fault finding from the information given below. The fuel rail must provide an absolute minimum cranking pressure of between and Bar, any less and the ECU will not allow the engine to start.

Causes for this pressure not to be maintained could be due to internally leaking injectors, faulty fuel pressure regulator or its O-ring seal see covering article herefaulty rail pressure sensor, High or Low pressure fuel delivery pumps. Equally any air resident in the fuel delivery system will hamper starting. Usually the seals used to terminate the clear plastic pipes from the low pressure to high pressure pump give rise to air bubbles visible in these pipes, which is not a good sign and will need to be further investigated.

It is worth noting that unlike any circulating diesel feed system, the fuel exiting the high pressure pump is not self bleeding and any air held within the rail will take some time to clear should you open the system to atmosphere for instance if you do a poor job of pre-filling a new fuel filter at service. It is worthy of note that the diesel pressures within the system of a running engine could be in excess of 1, Bar that is very capable of doing you some damage!

This shut off device is the large tower like solenoid that extends from one element there are three of the high pressure pump, it has a two pin electrical connection and loom plug at its end. You will have to inspect the fuel system of a dead non-start engine using the functional details above as a guide. Unless you have a major fuel leak or the delivery pumps have catastrophically failed, fuel related problems are not often sudden and tend to show themselves as intermittent transient problems for a period of time before they get to the stage where the vehicle will no longer start.

More often non-start problems arise from the electrical system. A really useful link on the Sprinter fuel injection system here. These relay engine positional information to the ECU so that it can determine when to accurately fire the injectors so that the engine can run. Any synchronisation errors that occur between these two primary angle measuring devices will cause an engine to slip into limp home if running, and if stopped, the engine will not restart until it gets valid signals from both.

The cam position sensor is mounted on the top rear of the valve cover slightly to the left of cylinder 4 rearmost looking in and gets its positional signal from a lobe on the cam. Due to its location directly above the exhaust manifold, it is subjected to regular extremes of heat and daily cycles of hot and cold. The crank sensor lives on the block seam of the engine and gearbox bell housing, just above the starter motor, it picks up its pulses from teeth on the flywheel.

If it flicks, then this is normally a sign of an impulse from the sensor reaching the ECU. If however the tacho needle does not flick on spinning the engine over, then suspect crank position sensor problems.

The connecors and cabling to the injectors are important things to check, if any connector to any single injector becomes disconnected, then the engine will not run, equally if one injector solenoid becomes disconnected when the engine is running the engine will die. The injector solenoid wiring can be easily checked for continuity and insulation to ground by removing the injector connectors and metering out the wires directly to the ECU under the dash.

The injectors connections are the large gauge wires on the push in connector to the far right looking at the ECU under the dash. Release the ECU retaining springs to drop it down into the passenger footwell to make it easier to work on.

Am I killing my diesel sprinter by letting it idle?

Here you will find the most mechanically vulnerable selection of sensor and engine management cables — be sure to check here first.

Note: although not related directly to non starting, as previously mentioned in other posts, the turbo control, vacuum solenoid valve loom, hooks round the front of the radiator from behind the passenger headlamp and travels across the front crossmember.

It passes the horn onward to the vac valve situated under the air box. Commonly this loom is found to be damaged or broken in the area where it snakes past the headlamp tinwork on the front panel. See here for more related fault finding detail. Remove each of the plugs and check that water, usually from a poor windscreen seal or rust-rotten screen surround, finds its way onto the ECU. Over time the fine connectors and pins start to corrode and all manner or electrical issues ensue.

To remove the ECU plugs with lever tabs, push in the small locking pip just behind the upright grey lever, on the black part of the shell. Once removed, lift off the plate and remove the PCB assembly from the pressed case.

Often careful re-soldering of the suspect joint will provide a suitable repair, obviously if its corroded rather badly, the chances are that the multilayer board is damaged and at worst a replacement ECU could be needed very rare.


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