Fedex package stuck on shipping label created

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Shipping with FedEx

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Packaging Tips. Shipping Label Library.Share best practices, tips, and insights. Meet other eBay community members who share your passions. I have ordered an item and the seller has marked it as shipped and gave me a Fedex tracking number. I typed the tracking number and it said "Label created". It's been a few days now and whenever I check the Fedex site, it still says "Label created".

It says the a nticipated ship date was June 27th, however I still don't have a scheduled delivery date. I have provided an image for thoughs who are interested in helping. This would indicate that dispite what the seller marked, FedEx has not received the shipment from the seller. Look in your Purchase History for the estimated delivery date. If not received by that date and FedEx continues to show they have not received the package from the seller, file an item not received claim through the resolution center to obtain a full refund of your payment.

If there is just one info appeared like "shipping info received", it probably released by the seller and actually fedex has not received or scanned it yet. If you tracked fedex packages on TrackingMore, you may find it will be still marked as "Not Found". Skip to main content. Go to My eBay page. The eBay Community. Sign In Help Guidelines About. Additional Resources. Knowledge Base Get quick answers to important questions to get you selling faster and better!

Most Popular. Discussions Share best practices, tips, and insights. New to eBay. Groups Give support, share information, and connect with fellow members. Business Insights.I just ordered a basic laptop with shipping expected days! Bad experience and misleading info from Dell. Please accept my apology for any frustration or inconvenience this delivery may have caused. As a mail order company our systems are built to order in other parts of the world including China, Ireland and Mexico.

We provide a limited selection of prebuilt systems through our retail partners. A system's shipping date, as provided by a Dell Sales or Customer Care Representative or on the Dell Web site, is an estimate only and is not guaranteed.

Usually, a system or product will ship on or before its estimated shipping date. Without knowing your specific order details I can only speculate what may be causing the delay in your order. Perhaps the recent flooding is hampering delivery efforts. I am happy to look into this delay on your behalf.

Please reply to my email and provide the requested information so I may access your account records. Dell said they shipped my laptop and gave a tracking number. Lorna from Dell suppose to investigate but I did not get any email from her. Please excuse the delay in responding to your concerns as I was out of the office.

I was able to see your order on the FedEx website this morning and it is on the truck for delivery today. I regret you wish to return this item. Dell values its relationship with you, and offers you the option to return most products you purchase directly from Dell by internet, phone or the Dell online store.

The day period is calculated from your invoice date. Dell will not accept returns without a CRA number.

fedex package stuck on shipping label created

To find the appropriate phone number or to send an email to customer service to request a CRA number, go to Dell.Please review store details for the latest information on hours and services. Have a package that is sealed, labeled and ready to ship? Drop it off at one of thousands of locations near you. No matter how big, bulky or fragile your items are, you can buy the right-sized box.

fedex package stuck on shipping label created

Plus, enjoy in-store packing services. Let us work around your schedule. Get the services and products you need at any hour of the day or night. Purchase all the boxes, packing supplies and labels you need. We offer a wide range of sizes and styles to fit just about anything you can ship.

Discover a wide array of printing products and convenient services for every need. Our team members are ready to help you with print solutions that bring your ideas to life.

Stuck on "Label Created"

FedEx Office provides reliable printing, packing and shipping services. Pick up and drop off at a Walgreens location near you. Drop off packages at the counter, get packaging help or buy packing supplies.


Use FedEx packaging or use your own packaging with a FedEx shipping label. Bring packages too large for the drop box to a staffed FedEx location.

fedex package stuck on shipping label created

Choose 1-,2- or 3-day shipping for FedEx Express. Or select FedEx Ground for shipments to arrive in business days. Drop-off times vary depending on location. Thousands of drop boxes across the country now offer extended drop-off times. Saturday pickup is also an option at select drop box sites.

Create a shipping label online or fill out an airbill using your FedEx account number. Print the label and affix it to your package, then bring your package to a FedEx Drop Box near you.

No cash, check or credit card payments are accepted at the drop box location. FedEx also has nationwide FedEx Office locations offering packing and shipping services, as well as FedEx Ship Centers with late hours and cutoff times and the ability to ship some hazardous goods.Community BeerAdvocate.

Dismiss Notice Protip: Log in now to hide ads. Anyone ever run into an issue where a box has been stuck at "Label Created"? Box was dropped off Friday at Fedex. Was it an actual FedEx location or a place that provides FedEx services? I live in a rural area and drop off FedEx packages at a copy shop. The boxes stay on Label Created until the box is picked up and brought to the local hub which is about an hour away.

There is one pick up a day at the place, so if I miss the pickup it stays on Label Created for a while. Maybe you missed the Friday pick up? LuckyOneSix likes this. Squire Poo-Bah 2, Jul 16, Mississippi. Local Fedex drivers pick up Mon-Fri from the hubs. If I get to one on late Friday or Saturday the package will sit there until pick up time on Monday. The number is in the system but the box isn't moving. Sender went to Fedex drop off to inquire.

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It missed the Friday pickup time, and is still at that location. There you have it! Show Ignored Content. Your name or email address: Do you already have an account? No, create an account now. Yes, my password is: Forgot your password?Share best practices, tips, and insights.

Meet other eBay community members who share your passions. I mailed a package a few weeks back, first class. The buyer just opened a case claiming not received, I checked the tracking on here and it shows nothing, so I went to the USPS website input the tracking and it does show up, but it only goes as far as shipping label created, with no updates after that.

In my experience tracking won't even show shipping label created unless the USPS has received it and scanned it into their system. Can anybody give me some advice on how to proceed. It sounds like the package is lost. The first thing I'd do is go to the branch PO you mailed from and ask them to look the number up on their internal computers. Quite often, they can see more info than we can. However, the USPS is notorious for hit-n-miss scans, so if you didn't insure the package, the ultimate loss is yours.

Don't argue with the buyer if the PO can't determine where the package is Graciously grin when you growl I have never seen that happen, i have printed tons of labels and nothing has ever showed up till i have taken the package to the post office, or my mail man has scanned it. As a buyer on many sites, not just eBayas well as a seller I see this label created notice all of the time.

fedex package stuck on shipping label created

Usually, packages show actual scanned progress within hours. When they don't, I start to wonder. Did your mailman scan this package If the latter, then it's possible it was never scanned When I see shipping label created in tracking, I know that the USPS has taken actual possesion of the package, if I see nothing I know the seller hasn't mailed the package. Are you also a seller?Credit Rules Jump to the last page. Login Register. How does Label created never changes?

Uploading and Loding Picture I am very surprised with the way entire sales operation works inspite of creating awesome products. My order status changed form Shipped and there is a FedEx tracking number but it only says "Label Created" and never changes. What does that even mean? After waiting for 2 hr on chat line, they ended chat support. I send an email and no one responds. This is unbelievable Smokey Twitter Facebook Favorite Like.

Use props. RSW Offline. Second Officer. The "Label Created" notice comes from FedEx. It means that it has been prepped for shipping. All further shipping updates will come from FedEx. First Officer. Sometimes they link that label to credit card billing, other times shipping links to billing once item actually goes out. When I see those notices, I know it may sit for a very long time before it ever goes out the door.

Might sit a long time before it actually hits a carrier's truck.


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