Dome lights and radio not working

No dome light, no radio, no light under hood. Not sure if the blower is related to the other Checked all the fuses indicated by the owner's manual and all related fuses in cab were good.

What to Do When Your Car Interior Lights Stop Working

I checked the bulb in the dome light and it was burned out. I replaced it and no light. Did some looking online and found that there was a 5 AMP fuse in the power dist box behind the battery that covered at least the dome light and underhood light.

It was bad. And went back out so I assume there is a short somewhere. I purchased a Haynes manual and the fuse locations and descriptions do not match my truck and what they present as a "typical" schematic does not match either.

Fix for Ford Escape power lock, radio, sunroof and dome lights

The Haynes manual I have is for Dodge Dakota pickups, thru Also, what is the best approach to track down the offending circuit? Do you. Replace the blowing fuse with a pair of wires hooked to a brake light bulb.

The bulb will just be full brightness when the short is present and it will go dim when you move or unplug something that removes the short. I'll search for the right service manual so we can figure out what else is on those circuits. Was this answer. Thanks, Since I am not sure about everything ON the circuit, let alone where in the circuit the peripherals are I was figuring I would just have to start running wires.

Will the brake light bulb burning like that when there is a short melt any wires somewhere? That's the purpose of the bulb. It will limit current to about one amp, exactly the same as the bulbs in the back of the truck. Plus, it gives you the visual indication of when the short is in the circuit. Caradiodoc Was this answer. Does the fact that the dome light was burned out give any hint as to the location of the short? I know some about electricity, but not sure about this circuit.

Might take me a day or so to get what I need and give it a go since I do not have a garage to work in. A burned out bulb is an open circuit where no current flows. You're looking for a short circuit where too much current flows. Yeah, I got that. Was just wondering if the short might have caused the bulb to burn out. I went to AZ today and got a socket with wires and tailight bulb to try that approach. Not sure if I will get to that tomorrow or not.

Went and got a tailight socket from AZ and gave it a try. Test light seems to work ok, but still have not found the culprit. Without a good schematic like I said the Haynes versions is no goodit is hard to say if it is before something or after something.

I totally disconnected the underhood light and light went out.Remember Me? Site Navigation. So my dome lights dont work at all. Also check your ECU-B fuse by the driver's knee. That feeds the brain that controls all these functions. Do not rely on just a visual fuse check, ever. Use a known good fuse, or test with a light or DMM.

Don't trust the radio unless it is factory. Aftermarket HU's can be wired direct to the battery. Also check domes with known good bulbs. Two bulbs burn out at the same time frequently. Check with doors AND the switch on the lamp.

If no joy, time to start checking circuits with test light. Last edited by TheDurk; at PM. My rear dome light fuse broke. Replaced it and rear dome worked again.

Still have no idea what it could be. I've checked all possible fuses that i could think might have something to do with this issue. If its of any use my center dome light lens and rear dome light lens look burnt. I finally got around to pulling the lenses off and checking the bulbs too as well as the fuses. I'm not sure if there are melted wires above the headliner behind the housings or not.

Im thinking the ac blower motor is just done and needs replacing and is a separate issue to the dome lights. Checked the bulbs.

Checked the fuse. Used a multimeter and found 12v at the fuse and none at the plugs for the lights. When I was checking the fuse I pulled the fuse and found Car interior lights can be broken down into different categories like dashboard lights, dome lights, map lights, and others, and they can fail all at once or one at a time.

Since there are so many different types of car interior lights, a failure can be either an annoyance or a real safety issue.

In any event, figuring out what to do when your car interior lights stop working is usually a pretty straightforward diagnostic process that can be accomplished with some very basic tools like screwdrivers and a test light.

Interior lighting is one of two pretty broad umbrellas that encompass all of the different types of lights in and around your car. The other category is exterior lighting, which covers everything from your headlights to your tail lights and everything between. Car interior lights can be further broken down by their specific purposes. Dashboard lights can help you see your instrumentslike the speedometer, at night, and are often adjustable to help prevent night blindness.

Depending on the vehicle, all of the interior lights may be on one circuit, or there may be several circuits. One interior light may also be controlled by multiple switches, so there are a number of different potential ways for them to fail. For instance, a dome light may have a manual switch at the light, even though it can also be switched on and off, or dimmed, by a switch on the dash. When your car interior lights stop working, the best place to start is also the easiest fix.

The most common cause of this problem is when someone other than the driver uses the dome light or dimmer switch. This can leave the interior lights in a state where they no longer come on when you open the door. Depending on how your interior lights are wired, and the types of switches you have, you may need to push a different combination of buttons to get your interior lights to come on. In general, you will want to try rotating the dimmer if there is one and try it in different positions.

dome lights and radio not working

In some cases, rotating the dimmer all the way in one direction will cause it to click, which may either indicate it is in the on position or the off position. With the dimmer in different positions or the dash-mounted interior light button in different positions, you can try operating your dome light, map light, or other interior lights with their individual switches.

Depending on how your car is set up, your fuse box may be located in or near the glove box, under the dashboard, or in the engine compartment. Failing that, you can usually search the Internet to find a picture of the location of your exact fuse box. Fuses can blow and still look fine, so the only way to actually check them is with a tool like a multimeter or a test light. The easiest way to check fuses is with a test light. All you have to do is clamp one end to bare metal somewhere on your car and then touch the probe end to each side of a fuse.

With the ignition key in the on position, your test light should illuminate when you touch both sides of each fuse. Never use a fuse with a bigger number, as doing so could cause catastrophic damage to the wiring in your car. It may be a permanent fault, or it may be temporary, but the only way to know for sure is to replace the fuse and see what happens.

It may still be something you can handle yourself, but some shorts will require the attention of a professional technician. The last point of failure that can affect all of your interior lights at the same time is a bad door switch.Discussion in ' 3rd Gen. Log in or Sign up.

Tacoma World. Welcome to Tacoma World! You are currently viewing as a guest! To get full-access, you need to register for a FREE account. Post Reply. Just had the rev 1 reflash done last week and finally drove the truck after dark, noticed that my dome light does not work.

Map lights work. Checked no power running to the dome light. Any ideas. Check the fuses. Switch in the off position at the light too? File IFRDec 29, Check the switch. HerniatorDec 29, On the fuses does the fuse that says dome 7.

If it uses the same fuse then the fuse is good, because the maps work fine. Herniator likes this. ShellshockDec 30, Good Luck i will post as soon as i find out something. Has anyone else had this problem. Maybe the reflash deleted all your customization. FrogsauceDec 30, Same thing happened to my truck the other day.

1994 Dodge Dakota - no dome light, no radio, etc.

Dome light didn't work, but map lights still work. Ok feel stupid, the rocker switch between the map lights was turned off must have hit it which kills the dome light. Metallitruck and shakerhood like this.

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dome lights and radio not working

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dome lights and radio not working

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