Bmw x3 e83 overheating

Quote Originally Posted by Supercourse Yes torx bits needed for sure to get the air duct off on the 2. But might be possible to do it without removing it or the fan I replaced mine without removing the radiator fan.

N52 engine though. Either way the thread I provided was a point of reference no need to get that involved in it. See if you may remove the air-duct that lays over the upper-hose and you should be fine.

No the washer fluid pump is completely separate and not even near the coolant radiator. There is nothing to dismantle for the washer pump its a simple unplug-install new pump-replug sort of thing. Could just be coincidence with the washer pump repair and you independently suffered the misfortune of a cracked coolant reservoir tank. I think that is the only weak link in the cooling system - other 3 series models have several weak links.

Mind you a tech. I saw one near the bottom of the expansion tank is the second one on the other side on the bottom of the radiator I didnt look for it. And where would I find the third Also if I flush the system do I just need to drain it all fill m1 carbine rebuild marks back up and then bleed the system or is there more it it than that.

OK so maybe I wont go on the wild goose hunt for the third plug since it is winter still here in the East PA - Ive seen the first blue plug near the bottom of the expansion tank is the 2nd one obvious to find for the radiator once I look for it. This is where you grab ahold of it with both hands and as you pull it away from the radiator move it up and down left and right.

It is on pretty damn tight as you well know by now If you cut the hose you may end up with the same problem at the other end where it connects to the thermostat housing.

Then again it does have a few years on it and a new hose would not be a bad thing Good Luck. Good advice Another thing to consider is since you are in the P. Is the condensor radiator free from leaves or anything else that would keep it from doing its job One thing I have noticed is that european AC units dont seem to be as effective in expreme weather as the U.

I had a Tahoe AC. Could be lots of places none of them good. The heater system uses that coolant too so do you have any wet spots under the carpet If so then you probably have a heater core hose leak.

Another place is the head gasket. Do you have any white smoke coming from the exhaust when you start up Another place is of course the engine radiator itself. Hoses plastic expansion tank. Finally the water pump. TIA cheers vern No mine works fine. However the radiator on the other hand needed to be replaced. Nothing like a not even 2 week old car having that done. Troy Look at my sig. As far as not breaking stuff-all of it is plastic and pretty durable.

I only broke one tab. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Case in point Woody prefer to have his all Black while I like the new all chrome look with the holes. I think it makes my car looks a whole lot better.

I just took it for a spin and the sun reflecting off the chrome was amazing to me. I really like the holes that are now present as it gives the impression of an aero dynamical design.

I dont know if the before.About 76, units will be manufactured there annually. As a precursor to the X3, in BMW presented the xActivity concept vehicle at the Detroit Auto Show featuring the 3 Series platform and a fixed-profile convertible body style with reinforced longitudinal rails connect the A-pillars to the rear of the car on both sides, eliminating B- or C-pillars.

The X3 premiered in September at the Frankfurt Auto Show Internationale Automobil-Ausstellungsharing its rear suspension with the E46 xi and using an automatic four-wheel drive system marketed as xDrive. All X3 models feature BMW's all wheel drive systemwith a default torque split between the front and rear axles and the ability to direct all torque to either axle.

The system used an electronically controlled multiple-plate clutch to enable infinitely adjustable, fully variable distribution of torque from front to rear with the capability of up to percent of engine torque going to either axle. The X3 was conceived to combine the agility of a compact model with the driving experience of the company's X5. The X3 featured an upright, high H-point seating configuration, marketed as "command seating". Styling exhibited interacting concave and convex surfacing, characteristic for the company at the time along with a reinterpreted Hofmeister kink.

BMW upgraded the model in and facelifted the model inwith revised body bumpers, engine, interior trim, and suspension. The X3 3. The X3 was initially criticised for its harsh ride, austere interior, lack of off-road capability and high price.

Forthe U. The only model available from onwards for the U. This further increased the X3's base price. In Septemberthe E83 received a facelift with revised headlights, grille, front bumper, tail lights, rear bumper, and interior. For the model year, the US market X3 was powered by the N52 inline 6-cylinder engine that debuted on the E90 3 Series. Internationally, the X3 received smaller engines including the 4-cylinder petrol and diesel options.

In Europe, the range started with a 2. Since Septemberthe Edition Exclusive and Edition lifestyle were available. The vehicle was unveiled at the Paris Motor Show[19] [20] [21]. The Fbased X3 is almost as large as the original E53 series X5. At launch, all models use all-wheel drivebadged as xDrive. Transmission choices are a six-speed manual or eight-speed ZF 8HP automatic transmission. The emission standard for all engines is Euro 5.

A rear-wheel drive only model called sDrive was added to the range in some markets in These associates represent teams from each of the plant's manufacturing technologies: Body, Paint and Assembly. The vehicle was retained on display at the Spartanburg Plant to commemorate the milestone. UK models went on sale on 18 November Early UK models included the xDrive20d.All Search Everything. Need a new cabin filter? See how to replace it here.

Also a few tips on keeping the housing drains clean to prevent interior water leaks. Applies to: X3 E83X3 E83 facelift See how to determine your vehicle options and what you should or may have depending on model year. Need to perform routine service but can't find the info or schedule? This tech article breaks down what and when you should service your X3.

why is my car overheating?

See how to jump start, charge and replace the battery in your X3. See how to remove the engine covers on your X3. This tech article shows you how to replace the drive belt tensioners on M54 engine equipped X3 models. This tech article shows you how to remove the engine and transmission splash shields on BMW X3 models. See how to change and check the oil level on X3 models with an N52 engine. See how to jack and support your X3. Need a new breather valve?

This tech article shows you how to replace it. See how to replace the oil filter stand seal on M54 engine equipped X3 models. This tech article shows you how to replace the oil filter housing gasket on BMW X3 models with an N52 engine.

See how to replace the starter motor on X3 models with an M54 engine. See how to replace the valve cover and gasket on M54 engine equipped X3 models. This article shows you how to pinpoint the cause of an oil leak on BMW X3 models. See how to replace the secondary air system components on M54 engine equipped X3 models. See how to test the secondary air system components on M54 engine equipped X3 models.

See how to replace the accelerator pedal sensor on BMW X3 models. Learn about the two engine management systems used in BMW X3 models. See how to replace and perform the adaptation on X3 model M54 engine throttle housings bodies. This tech article shows you how to replace the intake air ducts and intake air housing on X3 models with an M54 engine. Rattle near your intake manifold? You may need a DISA valve. See how to replace and test it here.The BMW X3 is a compact luxury crossover that has been in production since the model year.

As far as exterior design went, the first generation was closely identical to the X5, which wasn't a bad thing. The smaller form factor easy for drivers to commute in the city, while still having the sportiness of the X5. Powering the base 2. The mid-level 2.

The top trim 3. The later 3. For the model year, the E83 went through a mid-model refresh that included revised front and rear ends with new bumpers, grille, headlights, and taillights.

The interior also received upgrades and engines were given some extra power. Later on, more features and adaptive HID headlights and a panoramic moonroof were offered as options. All Search Everything. BMW X3 E83 - Not finding the parts you need?

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TOP 30 Things That Will Go Wrong With A 100k+ Mile BMW X3 E83

BMW Parts List. Event Gallery. Cars For Sale. Car Bras. Car Covers.The X3 was designed to be slightly more compact than the X5, but offer the similar luxurious driving experience as the X5.

Not dissimilar to any other BMW, the X3 engines are prone to oil leaks. Oil leaks are commonly caused by deteriorating valve cover gaskets, or cracks in the valve cover themselves. Over time, the rubber gasket for the valve cover deteriorate from normal wear and tear and can allow oil to leak out onto the exterior of the engine. Additionally, the valve cover itself is made of plastic on the majority of BMW engines.

Therefore the cover is exposed to a lot of heat and stress, and over time this can result in cracks which allow oil to leak into the engine bay. Older cars and ones with high mileage are most prone to leaking engine oil. With this issue, when the driver opens or cracks the sunroof, various trim pieces will rattle and knock around, causing an annoying noise.

Some people have also complained of this noise while the sunroof is open, which is commonly wind-induced. It can be repaired by adding additional felt tape to the areas on the sunroof that are causing the rattle. For those with factory warranty still remaining, this fix is free. For those without it, the repair is cheap and can be done pretty easily at home.

The sunroof leaking water is another common sunroof-related issue on the X3. On the X3, the timing chains are made of metal. Because metal on metal contact is bad for any engine, the timing chain guides are made out of plastic. The timing chain guides are designed to connect the timing chain with the crankshaft and camshaft. Due to the plastic nature of the guides, they are prone to breaking which can result in the engines timing being thrown off. If timing is thrown off, the engine internals can become severely damaged resulting in the need for a new engine.

If you catch the problem soon enough, you simply need to replace the guides and correct the timing. Common symptoms of timing chain failure are: lack of power and acceleration, poor idling and driving conditions, and loud whinning, knocking, or rattling noises coming from the engine.

BMW X3 Common Problems, Reliability, & Driving Experience

If you are buying a high-mileage X3, it might make sense the replace the guides as preventative maintenance. A failed window regulator will result in the window not opening or closing.

Similar to the sunroof rattle, door window rattle is also a reportedly common issues. This noise actually tends to come from the door seals, and not the actual windows. As the door seals collect dust and dirt over time, the doors become less snug with the body of the car which results in excess vibrations and the noise you hear from the windows.

bmw x3 e83 overheating

If your X3 is frequently overheating, or you notice coolant leaks on the floor of your garage, you have a failure somewhere in your cooling system. On the X3, the radiator and coolant expansion tank are the most common culprits.

This issue could also be caused by a bad thermostat or housing. A bad radiator will run you in the upper triple digits while an expansion tank repair will be around half a thousand dollars. If your car is overheating, pull over and have it towed! Driving an overheated engine can warp the internals and lead to a need for a completely new engine. But, you as you get upwards of k miles on these vehicles oil and coolant leaks, and timing chain guide problems become a lot more frequent in nature.

Preventative maintenance, such as frequent oil changes, spark plug and ignition coil replacement, and gasket replacement become crucial to maintaining long-term reliability. The drivetrain and transmission on these cars are extremely reliable and very rarely have any issues. Transfer case problems could become an issue above the k mile mark, but otherwise these components are pretty bulletproof.

Furthermore, the brakes, steering, suspension, and electronics components of these vehicles are also very reliable. When you run into an X3 problem, it is most frequently an engine-related problem. Check out our engine specific problem guides below to learn more about the specific engine in your X3.

bmw x3 e83 overheating

As with any BMW, they are reliable when properly taken care of.I have a BMW x3 i just got the cooling system replaced about 2 months ago and the radiator replaced two days ago yet my car is still over heating. Does anyone have any suggestions on what could be the underlying problem? A foreign object inside the cooling system. A failed water pump - A water pump failure is one of the more regular causes for overheating.

The water pump is the most active component in the cooling system and is responsible for maintaining coolant circulation. Over time, the bearing or impeller inside the water pump can wear or break, and the impeller will no longer turn. A bad sensor if the sensor is not operating it will not turn the fans on when it reaches temp.

Hummingbird answered 2 years ago. Vinnita36 answered 7 months ago. Oh gosh! I recently fixed the radiator and the thermostat. The beamer is still running hot.

If I run it for 5 minutes the radiator hose sound like it's about to explode. I need to know what's wrong asap. Why is my BMW X3 running hot while driving short distances but does not run hot while driving far. Hello, my car was running hot, but not leaking so I changed the thermostat. Then I pulled the plug adjust screw at the bottom of the radiator and drained it and replaced it. I filled and added t My BMW ci convertible keeps overheating.

We changed the radiator and reservoir and removed the thermostat. Why is it still overheating? I have a different car. Content submitted by Users is not endorsed by CarGurus, does not express the opinions of CarGurus, and should not be considered reviewed, screened, or approved by CarGurus. Please refer to CarGurus Terms of Use. Content will be removed if CarGurus becomes aware that it violates our policies. Report Follow. Mark helpful. Your Answer:. Upload Photo Photo optional.

bmw x3 e83 overheating

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bmw x3 e83 overheating

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