Aizawa shouta x pregnant reader lemon

Aizawa Shouta was a man of many words. They just happened to be in his head at the same time you happen to be. Hey guys I keep promising to post stuff and I keep falling through on those promises and I just wanna apologize.

I figured that this one would be a good way to try and get back into posting on here. Disclaimer though this felt rushed and angsty but I tried :. The last few weeks had been frustrating to say the least. There were people protesting quirkless people. Actually protesting them. Who did that? It felt like this had all happened before. It was disgusting. Your popularity kept you in the spotlight. Everyone who was anyone knew who you were. His trophy wife if you will.

The media glorified you. But on the streets you were nothing. The whole world knew you were weak. This had lead to squabbles, attacks caused by jealousy. Everyone wanted to be loved by him. Your social medias were plagued by it.Welcome Guest.

Aizawa x dying reader. The request about Aizawa x waifu reader with a bouncing baby was so cute. Uselessly Gay - Shouta Aizawa x Male! It had been about a year since you joined the investigation team. And really, I kinda take any requests :D. Originally posted by blindfolds. Warnings: omegaverse fuckery, yandere, dark themes, very slight daddy kink, very slight breeding kink. The flimsy wood swings back with a loud could you pretty pls write aizawa defending a student reader with a villainous quirk??

An angel and demon infiltrate human society in a competition to win your soul. We get to spend the whole day at the beach and if we want to, we can leave after the beach closes.

And he might not care about dying anytime soon but he would be damned if you had to breath in his Originally posted by hanzofromoverwatch. Aizawa X Reader The weekend had come, and you had persistently requested that Aizawa go to an amusement park with you. Reader: Propose.

Summary: You are lost in the woods and a jet black dragon helps you out. Yandere erasermic x team plasma! In general, I wrote this half a year ago to try out this fake chat app. That at least was Aizawa Shouta's opinion on blankets during the winter season. Aizawa nods, standing in front of the door before giving it a hard kick. Aizawa, the class 1A teacher. And he might not care about dying anytime soon but he would be damned if you had to breath in his Notes : 1 All imagines are x female!

So you accepted and joined the investigation.

See, that’s what the app is perfect for.

Bakugou x reader, Midoriya x reader Legacy Part 1. Aizawa x Male!

aizawa shouta x pregnant reader lemon

He must have seen it. Sure, it was part-time three days a week. He walked back around the corner in the same slumped posture and slow pace. There was an ire and tense silence in the room as I look at all the girls around me. Check out our new My Hero Academia Products! L x Reader: Stay the Night. Summary: Your Alphas and you go on a road trip and things start off a little rocky.You went to high school with Aizawa-sensei, right?

You blink. You were just discussing your current science lesson with the class. Where would Ashido have even heard that you went to school with Aizawa? That would be rather obvious—curse your thoughtlessness, it is definitely NOT normal to randomly talk about a certain other professor in front of your students.

You look down at your lesson plan that sits tauntingly on your podium. You flinch, feeling a sting in your left ear at her volume. This is venturing into dangerous territory quickly. Yeah, two years my senior.

Shouta Aizawa x Male Reader. Coming Out

Ashido opens her mouth to ask another question but you quickly cut her off. Once class finally ended you were able to take a deep breath. No matter how hard you tried to convince yourself otherwise it felt like the entire class was murmuring about your history if you can even call it that with Aizawa.

Picking up your lesson plan you chastise yourself for acting like such a child. You have no time for a silly little crush on your colleague and your students have no time for you to be getting distracted.

You just really hope that the conversation will never reach Yamada or, heaven-forbid, Aizawa. You toss your folder onto your desk, and head over to the kitchenette in the corner to make yourself a cup of tea. You probably should be eating lunch, but instead, you get to work on grading the pop quizzes you gave at the beginning of class.

Many of the hero class students slack off on general studies because they believe it will not be useful in the future. Which, you guess you could relate to, making the same mistake when you were in high school. Look at you now, teaching the subjects you blew off. You were distracted, again. Sighing you get up, a walk will help you clear your head. You turn towards the door right as it opens to Yamada and Aizawa entering the lounge.

If you had been paying attention you would have heard them coming up the hall. You chuckle under your breath, and Yamada quickly reacts pivoting towards your direction. You wave at Yamada before sitting back down and finishing grading the quizzes.Keep reading.

Those wrong person text were really funny and wholesome, if you don't mind could you do the same or similar with aizawa, hawks, and all might please? Thanks love your writing! Cute sibling hc of Aizawa and the reader aka his little sister who also happens to be a student of class 1A? Originally posted by bokunoherokomikuko.

Originally posted by unloveablc. I'd like to ask if you could make a headcanons for reactions of Endeavour maybe I'm only person that likes him, but here I amAll Might and Aizawa when they partner calls them "daddy" in a flirting way I mean? Endeavor likes to feel in control and powerful. This makes his ego grow. He likes it when you give him this feeling of being superior. Endeavor wants to keep his image a little clean at least.

But on the other hand, I can see him liking it even in public. It shows people around him that you are his. Originally posted by miidoriyas. Cause you succeeded at it. It only worsens if you ever call him that in public. Originally posted by theladystrikesagain. If you say it in public, he will actually die.

aizawa shouta x pregnant reader lemon

He wants to keep things like that in private. Originally posted by moxis. Hi I just saw that your hd were open and was hoping if you had time to do a headcanon for aizawa and all might separate of class 1a meeting their hero wife and baby for the first time and just kind of making her their class mom. Warnings: omegaverse fuckery, yandere, dark themes, very slight daddy kink, very slight breeding kink.You guys know what time it is.

I consider this one more of a cooldown after After School and Shower. It was a night of celebration for the U. A teachers and you decided to let yourself go and drink yourself away. You usually held a serious manner as a teacher, so it was interesting to Aizawa to see how wild you could get. But it was also annoying, especially—. Aizawa sighed heavily and you giggled at him. He left one hand at the steering wheel as he reached over to grab your seat belt and pulled it over your body.

With a click, it locked you to your seat. Not a second went by and your seat belt already unlocked and winded back up. You laughed again, grinning at Aizawa who only groaned softly. His eyes remained on the road until he stopped at a red light. That was when he started to reach for your seat belt again and you started to fuss around as the belt crossed over your chest.

Put the belt on. Aizawa was slightly surprised at how obedient you were. You were oddly quiet, and your arms were folded across your chest as the most dramatic frown was on your face. He heard you huff and kick your feet like a child. It was almost odd seeing you act this way and he was almost tempted to record it so that he could bully you about it in your office tomorrow.

He stopped at another red light and his arms relaxed against his lap while his fingers were lightly curled around the bottom of the steering wheel. He knocked his head back against his seat and glanced at your quiet form.

reader x aizawa

You were looking at him, glaring to be specific.Keep reading. He could feel you holding your breath every minute he was around, for days and weeks before you finally let it out. He already knew, ofcourse he did. He was very attentive of you. That and the fact that he felt like he knew it in his heart -if he had the right to say he had one- was enough. But when he put the mug down a relief like emotion washed over his features as he embraced you in the warmest hug.

It actually scared him more than the spawn currently growing inside of you. He knew you did not love the lifestyle he lived, even if he tried his best to keep you uninvolved. I could not… I love you. It needed to stop, you could not raise your child in a warzone. Much less when their father was one of the people causing it.

He comforted you in his arms for what felt like an eternity. And he did indeed have a plan. Since he found out that there was a piece of him and you, full of innocence and love, he knew he wanted better for this child than the life of a villain. He was going to protect you both with his life until his last dying breath, and that was a fact not even the League of Villains, or his own vindictive desires could ever change.

At least he hoped so. Originally posted by fumikage. It was more of hookups and benefits, but he trusted you like no one and same thing with you. A child could only get in his way, so you panicked.

You also had your own dreams to follow and you were both still young. He was confused alright, you never had acted like that with him so it was an unsettling feeling. Had he just? When your mind obeyed him, he let go and as quickly as you regained control you slapped his face. And there came your tears again.

His eyes were still on your belly and it made your face flush. After a second or two you feel him grab your face, and you are reluctant to open your eyes even as he wipes the tears off your cheeks. He was never this sweet. Originally posted by allenzwalker. Or with anybody else. And you smiled as you threw body into his arms.

That did not stop you from being excited as hell though. You admired your husband so much, how strong he was after being through so much.

aizawa shouta x pregnant reader lemon

You felt he finally deserved something to go right in his life.Maybe he starts getting a little jealous hearing all the students say how cool she is and that she stops by the dorms to help them cook.

Just some cute romance and fluff with kissing and yay! It was a typical day, just like any other day you go into U. A as a teacher student and helped Aizawa with the students or any paper work he gave you to grade.

You were currently in class going around helping the students with the math problems. She decides to take her time in helping us.

Those moves are so cool! It was his students but for some reason it still got to him and he finally exploded. You started walking over to Aizawa where he stood. Now go to the teachers lounge and work on these tests. You grabbed the papers and walked out not saying another word. But he kept talking focusing on his students and not on his feelings.

Aizawa x dying reader

Why does he have to be so mean. What seems the be the matter? Aizawa yelled at his students and was well kinda harsh on them. Wait am I exaggerating?. After school, the students had planned something nice for you and the teachers. It was a small food get together and you loved cooking so you volunteered in helping them out which they gladly accepted.

There was music and the smell of the food was helping the room becoming more energetic and a happy feeling over all. You were singing while dancing a bit as you chopped the vegetables, Bakugou was next to you and you poke his nose making him yell at you but you laughed it off. The guys were laughing and dancing around with the girls and some were with you as well. Oh Kirishima get the chicken and the fries out from the oven!

After finishing you walked out only to meet face to face with a serious Mr. You nodded and followed him out, there were butterflies in your stomach it was a nice feeling.

You had started to develop a crush on him for a while now but never acted upon it for the same reason that it was well unlikely for you and him. You both ended up walking to a balcony in the building and stood there a few feet apart. They only keep going off about you and always choose to train with you. Your lips then touched together and his felt rough but they fit together in sync with yours.

Exhaustion - Aizawa x Listener ASMR - Boku no Hero Academia Fanfiction Reading - Domestic Fluff

It was such a short but sweet kiss, his hands were much more softer than they had appeared to be. It was such a cheesy moment but it was a relief knowing your crush liked you back like it always happened in the movies. You both pulled away smiling at each other like two love birds in love.

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