Air conditioner cuts out when accelerating

The Oct. I have recently been having an issue with my car hesitating during acceleration, especially from a complete stop. I had suspected it was the fuel injector and I went to my very trustworthy mechanic the other day, who agreed. He suggested that I fill the tank up with high-octane gas and then pour in a fuel injector cleaner before embarking on a costly repair. While driving to the mechanic's, I noticed that the car accelerated smoothly, which struck me as odd.

After coming home from work that day, I got in the car and pulled out of a parking space Jerky acceleration. I then realized that I began experiencing this problem when I began running the air conditioner on a regular basis. So my question is This has never happened before. I've done a bit of googling on the issue, and it seems there are some electrical components that may be to blame, but I haven't found anything terribly specific. Also, if you can say what the problem is, about how much would it cost to fix?

BTW, car is a Camry with k miles. Previous owner was a relative and it's always been well-maintained. I had some major maintenance done a few months ago by said mechanic, who checked out the engine and everything in the process and said it's in good working order.

If your usual mechanic doesn't work on air conditioner equipment some don't, it requires equipment that can capture refrigerant and suchask him if he knows someone who does. The compressor might just need to be oiled. However, if your compressor still runs on R12 old "freon" and it needs to be serviced you may have to pay for a conversion to Ra new "doesn't destroy the ozone coolant" before the equipment can be worked on.

It is probably dragging on the belt, as has been suggested. It is possible that the belt itself is to blame rather than the AC compressor. It might need to be adjusted or replaced. The extra drag from the belt should be compensated by an idle adjustment motor, or idle solenoid.

Sometimes they get gummed up with carbon deposits. If you mention the AC symptoms to your mechanic, he or she can quickly take off the AIS motor and check for free motion. They can usually be cleaned and reinstalled. Combine that with an older, more tired engine or at least, one that might need plugs and a fuel system cleanup and the switch from "idle" to "time to accelerate" is quite a change. Ergo, see if a fuel system clean out the easiest change works, first.

Q: Air conditioner cuts out when accelerating or under pressure going up hill.

Like FO said, you're probably feeling your air conditioner compressor cycling on and off. If you're feeling the air conditioner compressor cycling on and off at wide open throttle, which might be what you call acceleration, then you could have a malfunctioning air conditioning cutout relay, which disengages the air conditioner clutch when you are calling for more power from the engine, or when the engine is idling.

From what you describe, though, this might be normal behavior, and there might not be anything wrong with your injectors or air conditioner at all. A Camry surely does not use R12, and if you can feel your air conditioner cycling on and off, you probably don't need to have it serviced. Do you get cold air from it? Yes, I do. I'm not sure that this is normal behavior, though, seeing as I have run the air conditioner many, many times in this car during summers past and this has never happened.

By 'feel the air conditioner cycle and and off,' do you mean that it would not blow cold air periodically? KevCed probably has it: idle air control. The IAC is meant to compensate for that. They are comparatively easy to clean, but fairly expensive. Can you get codes pulled on the car?Usually worse under heavy acceleration.

The most common thing is actually misfires or any faulty fuel-air mix ratio. Ac blows through defrost when accelerating. Alternators fine new fuel filter new zeal pump cooling temperature sensor. The Fix: Refrigerant aka coolant is highly dangerous. When handling the air conditioner, be careful to avoid cuts from sharp metal fins on front and rear coils.

We brought our hot not in a good way Chevy Astro in because it was blowing hot air. As soon as I lift the throttle, it starts cooling again. This is quite embarassing in a crowded parking lot. What is my suggestion. Delay OFF—When the air conditioner is on, it can be set to automatically turn off in 1 to 24 hours.

If it rattles when idle, it can mean something completely different than engine rattle while accelerating. Be sure the air conditioner is properly grounded.

I haveplus miles. What he does with useless compressors is a mystery. Pull out the filter and clean or replace it as necessary. But it still keeps dying.

Noting to do with my dash controls. Driving on hilly or mountainous terrain or on unpaved roads can reduce fuel economy. Refer to a manufacturer specific repair manual for specific test procedures. If the plug does not trip and the unit comes on, please contact technical support. The three necessities for all combustion engines are air, fuel, and spark.

Generally speaking, the key to comfort and more savings are choosing the unit that best fits your space. Stylist cut Cardinal pitcher's hair. Incarbon dioxide gas started flowing from the tubes, raising levels inside the rings to nearly 40 percent above the global average CO2 concentration of around parts per million.

One dealer I called told me that this is a built-i. Loss of vacuum causing AC to switch from top vents to defrost on heavy acceleration or medium RPM at highway speeds. It was probably left standing for some time, I just added some petrol. Increase the ventilation rate number of air exchanges with an Air Purifier. The fan works fine, but it's just the cooling that hasn't worked lately. I have a 93 jeep grand cherokee 5. If the cooling water exceeds a value above 99 o C or if the medium pressure switch has closed, stage 2 cuts in by means of a relay.

If your system has always done this, or it does it after running for a little bit, this is likely your problem. Saw a couple of parts that had exploded. Thre removable covering absorbs heat, naturally making a room more comfortable, using phase-change materials PCMs which go from transparent to blue as the amount of heat stored within the unit increases.

Typically this occurs due to a bad vacuum check valve under the hood. I have Freon in the system, Brent sandman did a compression test and it's compressing and has freon.

According to the U. It's worked fine since, he tells me.Typically this occurs due to a bad vacuum check valve under the hood.

During hard acceleration the AC door system loses vacuum, causing the doors to default to the windshield. This check valve keeps this from occurring. It is located under the passenger side of the hood.

If you want to have it replaced, consider YourMechanic, as a certified mechanic can come to your home or office to diagnose your AC system and make the necessary repairs. Q: Air conditioner cuts out when accelerating or under pressure going up hill.

My car has miles. My car has an automatic transmission. Robert Tomashek Automotive Mechanic. Thank Robert. Was this answer helpful? Thank you for your feedback! Sorry about that.

Air Conditioner Cuts Out When Accelerating

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When i am at a stop light or stop sign. Randomly my car will lose power and go dead. How do you activate the panic alarm? Noticed a small oil leak and intermittent coolant leak by David M. What wires do I connect to the starter by Brenda L. EVAP leak needs repairing.I have a problem with my Mercury Grand Marquis.

Whenever I press down on the accelerator, whether just picking up speed or going up a hill, the stream of cold air coming from the air-conditioner stops. In the hot summertime, you can be sweating by the time the air-flow resumes. Whether or not that is true, is there some way some adjustment under the hood to prevent that from happening? Well, it may be that the compressor cuts off under heavy acceleration, but I would suspect a vacuum problem letting the blend doors to close.

Your car sounds like it is operating exactly as designed. You can probably prevent this from happening by not mashing down quite as hard on the go pedal, thus preventing losing your cooling. You might just need or want that little extra burst of power when you find yourself passing a truck going up a long hill on a blind curve. Does the airflow continue and get warm, or does the airflow stop or switch to the defroster outlets? If the airflow stops or switches, then you have a problem either with the vacuum check valve to the AC system, or a vacuum leak after the check valve.

The blend-air door is controlled by an electric motor. The blend-air door controls temperature. The air direction dampers are controlled by vacuum.

WOT shifts are hard on it so briefly removing the load should help. A lot of things changed in when the throttle control went from cable to electronic. There is a built-in throttle trim that accompanies shifts. Some find it annoying, but it probably saves on transmission clutch material.

air conditioner cuts out when accelerating

Almost all these things can be changed by someone that does custom PCM tunes, but it will be costly. I am not sure about s, but earlier models could probably be modified by monkeying with the AC WOT cutout relay.

The OP definitely needs to answer the questions, it this at near WOT only, and is it a temp change or an airflow redistribution.

air conditioner cuts out when accelerating

It does, however, seem like it is not acting normally.My SAAB 93 has this weird problem. The air conditioner works great when the car is not moving but within 50 feet of moving it shuts off and blows hot air. A shot in the dark here. This is make sure you have power to pass or climb a hill then the AC comes back on when you let off the gas.

Have someone check out this circut for a fault. Likely a wire is not connected and the usual place is one of the connectors themselves. Changing the wiring harness hooks and unhooks all the connectors and perhaps the problem will go away. If not, they can replace the new harness with the old one and refund your money. If they have confidence in their solution they should say OK.

And, this betting logic goes that if ALL the wiring is replaced, well, surely, the problem will be replaced. Do you want to pay for this experiment? The symptoms would seem to point to a fault in the circuitry that cuts out the compressor under hard acceleration, and I would suggest having this thoroughly checked prior to replacing that really expensive wiring harness. I would think you could operate the car with a scanner hooked up and monitor if you are loosing a signal that cuts off AC compressor or a signal is generated that is cutting off Compressor.

All of these sensors signals can be monitored, no need to guess. Perhaps someone needs some motivation to do better diagnosis. Why not ask him if he thinks an air conditioning specialist might be better able to either get the car to work right, or install a switch that will allow you to override the normal controls and force the air conditioner to run when you want it to run?

Air conditioner Compressor overheat and striping problem solve

Maybe he can recommend somebody who can solve your problem without the very expensive parts hanging exercise your dealership suggests. I have the same thought as JEM. If the air blend doors are controlled by vacuum then there may be a problem with the vacuum reservoir.

It is there to supplement the vacuum air supply when the engine revs up and vacuum goes down.

air conditioner cuts out when accelerating

I very much doubt that this problem is going to be fixed by replacing the wire harness. How can a shorted wire problem happen when you just rev the engine? A shorted wire is going to blow a fuse most likely. If anything, I could understand a bad wire connection causing it but not a short. Joe, I would bet that you are right.

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I was going to suggest that myself but wanted to read the other posts first. Most of you seem to agree on a possible solution!If your blower motor slows down when accelerating, it may have nothing to do with the motor itself.

Most vehicles have at least two of these vacuum motors. Other vehicles have a third vacuum motor to control a door that allows fresh air to enter the car or restricts the airflow to re-circulate. When you accelerate rapidly, the throttle plate opens wide and intake manifold vacuum decreases.

But engineers know that vacuum always decreases on acceleration, so they design the vacuum motors to work despite the vacuum drop. However, if the vacuum motor develops a small leak, or there is a leak in the vacuum hose or the dashboard switch, the drop in vacuum may be too much to overcome.

Sometimes, when a vacuum motor defaults due to loss of vacuum, and the system uses two vacuum motors to switch modes, it may seem as if the fan is losing speed.

They include wiring diagrams and technical service bulletins. In most cases, their diagrams are right from the factory manuals. Pricing: Eautorepair. So you have to refer to the factory legends to learn the identification symbols and then refer back to circuit diagrams to find the splice and ground locations. However, Alldatadiy. If you need to dig into your doors, dash or console, Alldatadiy.

Find this article useful? Share it! Categories By Symptom Heating system and Blower. Tags actuator blend door Blower motor blower motor slows down when accelerating fan speed mode door vacuum motor.I bought a base S model Rogue in March. Delay ON—When the air conditioner is off, it can be set to automatically come on in 1 to 24 hours at its previous mode and fan settings. Sounds like marbles rattling.

Drive Manual Manual transmission cars are more fuel-efficient than automatic transmission. These units are a more permanent solution than a window air conditioner, are easy to replace, and last longer.

Please also check out the statistics and reliability analysis of the Ford Explorer based on all problems reported for the Explorer. Usually worse under heavy acceleration. Consumer Reports and air conditioner pros identify how to troubleshoot the eight most common air conditioner problems that crop up with window and central air conditioners.

The expansion valve distributes the proper amount of refrigerant to your evaporator. Buying a through the wall air conditioner is usually a mid to low cost option. The system only functions optimally when the side windows are closed. This places a load on the engine and the drive belt that rotates the compressor. When I stop accelerating, it instantly comes back … read more. Just press the fan speed button to turn compressor off.

This is solved by a simple procedure. Got back in and it started working. The number of air conditioners installed could increase another two-thirds by New production and import of most HCFCs were phased out as of Another good air-conditioning noise would be the sound of the condenser fan. The air conditioner is not tilted to the outside.

air conditioner cuts out when accelerating

Loss of vacuum causing AC to switch from top vents to defrost on heavy acceleration or medium RPM at highway speeds. I typically never turn on my AC but my girl demands it. At speeds less than 40mph, opening the window slightly won't really affect fuel use, but air conditioning increases fuel use at all speeds. It's too hot in Florida for this to happen!!.


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