12 may 2014

On May 31,in Waukesha, Wisconsintwo year-old girls lured their best friend Payton Leutner into the woods and stabbed her 19 times in an attempt to prove the fictional character Slender Man was real. The victim crawled to a road where she was found, and recovered after six days in the hospital. The perpetrators were found not guilty by mental disease or defect. By Februarythey both were ordered to undergo treatment indefinitely at mental health institutions.

Slender Man is a fictional entity created on the Something Awful online forums for a Photoshop paranormal image contest. Slender Man is a tall, thin character, with a featureless white face and head.

He is depicted as wearing a black suit, and is sometimes shown with tentacles growing out of his back. According to the Slender Man mythos, the entity can cause amnesiabouts of coughing and paranoid behavior in individuals. He is often depicted hiding in forests or stalking children. The victim, Payton Leutner, and the perpetrators, Anissa Weier and Morgan Geyser, were all 12 years old at the time of the stabbing, and were classmates enrolled in the same school.

They later said they had believed Slender Man to be real, and had wanted to demonstrate their loyalty to him so they could become his "proxies,", live in his mansion, prove his existence, and prevent him from harming their families.

They believed that the only way to do this would be to kill someone, [4] after which they would become servants of the Slender Man and live in his mansion, which they thought was located in Chequamegon—Nicolet National Forest. Geyser explained during police interviews that she had seen and heard hallucinations of ghosts since the age of three, and was certain that "Slender" had demanded she kill her best friend to save the lives of her own family.

Weier and Geyser initially planned to attack Leutner on May 30, They planned to tape the victim's mouth shut, stab her in the neck, and flee. They did not carry out that attack; Weier and Geyser were believed to be "too tired" or "too groggy. The actual attack took place in a nearby forest David's Park during a game of hide-and-seek on May 31, Two wounds were to major organs, one missed a major artery of her heart by less than a millimeter, and another went through her diaphragm, cutting into her liver and stomach.

Weier and Geyser then told Leutner they would get help for her, but instead simply left. Weier and Geyser were apprehended near Interstate 94 at Steinhaffel's furniture store. While Geyser felt no empathy, Weier was described as feeling guilty for stabbing the victim, but felt that the attack was needed to appease Slender Man. Leutner left the hospital seven days after the attack. InWeier pleaded guilty to being a party to attempted second-degree homicide. Weier was sentenced to 25 years to life, an indeterminate sentence involving at least three years locked confinement and involuntary treatment in a state psychiatric institute, followed by communal supervision until age Ina Wisconsin judge sentenced Geyser to 40 years under mental health facility's supervision.

While Geyser will periodically have the opportunity to petition for her release from a mental health facility in the future, she will remain under institutional care for the duration of the sentence. During her trial, Geyser had been committed to the Winnebago Mental Health Institute and was the youngest patient there. In the aftermath of the stabbing, the Creepypasta Wiki was blocked throughout the Waukesha School District. He also stated that the Creepypasta Wiki was a literary website and that they did not condone murder or satanic rituals.

Members of the creepypasta community held a hour live stream on YouTube June 13—14,to raise money for the stabbing victim. Joe Jozwowski, an administrator on a creepypasta website, said the purpose of the stream was to show that members of the community cared for the victim and did not condone real-world violence because they enjoyed fiction that contains violence.

On August 12, Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker issued a proclamation declaring Wednesday, August 13,"Purple Hearts for Healing Day" and encouraged the people of Wisconsin to wear purple on that day to honor the victim of the stabbing. He also praised the "strength and determination" exhibited by the victim during her recovery. The city of Madison, Wisconsinheld a one-day bratwurst festival to honor the victim on August 29, several days before the victim returned to school.

Hot dogs and bratwurst were sold to raise money towards the victim's medical costs.Technological innovations have changed language learning radically from the old-fashioned image of pupils learning lists of verbs out of textbooks. Although language teaching has a long history of using techdating back to the s, recent developments such as social networking and easy-to-use video cameras have removed many of the limitations.

Whereas using tech may have once meant a weekly trip to a computer lab, it can now involve anything, from Facebook and Twitter to podcasts and videos in the classroom. The question is: should teachers try to evolve their teaching to fit with the latest gadgets, or should they stick to their old ways?

Those who use tech say the advantages are obvious. Russell Stannard, a linguistics lecturer at Warwick and founder of a teacher training websitesays that languages and digital technology are a natural fit. There's a very strong link between the affordances of technology and the type of things we're trying to do as teachers.

Using tech means that students can now turn to Twitter to use the language, without having to pack the class off on a school trip. Goria says: "Use of technology has moved towards the internet and social networks, rather than concentrating on pieces of purposely-designed technology that you would have in language labs. They increase exposure to the target language and allow you to join groups that share interests in the language.

You hide behind the monitor and it lowers your inhibition level.

Beintehaa - बेइंतेहा - 13th May 2014 - Full Episode(HD)

Another major development in language tech has been the use of video, according to Stannard. They could pretend they're telling the news in the foreign language, they could act out a job interview situation, or put videos online for students in Europe about their local town. We could even prepare for oral exams by working in groups, filming it and then watching it back. Mark Warschauer, professor of education and informatics at the University of Californiaagrees: "Technology can provide audio-video materials that can be paused, repeated, played more slowly or quickly.

Technology can also record and analyse a learners' own speech, and can provide various types of scaffolding for students learning to read. For language teacher Ellie Paull, technology has become part and parcel of her lessons.

12 may 2014

They also allow for a greater level of independence in the classroom as the children have the resources to look things up for themselves. Anecdotally, the using technology seems like a perfect way to enhance language learning. But what solid evidence is there that it actually makes a difference?

12 may 2014

Increased exposure and interaction may be positive features to learning, but assessing the effectiveness of specific, individual tools or apps is more difficult. In fact, one study in claimed: "A healthy dose of skepticism about the pedagogical effectiveness of many current technological tools appears to be well justified if one considers the perhaps overly enthusiastic reaction to previous technological breakthroughs.

Used wrongly, computers could even damage learning. However, the students were spending most of their time and energy talking with each other in English about how to make PowerPoints, when, as beginning learners, they really needed to be spending time hearing as much French as possible. Stannard says the trick is to put the pedagogy first, not the technology. Teachers do need to learn to use new technology, but the driving force should always be the pedagogy behind it. There are ways around it though — you could explain the technology in the target language, for instance — but it can be a problem.

Dr Goria, who runs a masters programme for language teachers about digital technology says there is a "constant balancing act between theoretical discourse and the practical application of it. It is really only an improvement if it goes hand-in-hand with a change in the pedagogy.

Ellie Paull, who teaches at Hurstpierpoint College using tech in her lessons is about supporting language learning — not replacing it. The teacher needs to guide how technology can best support language learning.

All content is editorially independent except for pieces labelled advertisement feature. Find out more here.From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. See also: s political history. Calendar year. Further information: Category deaths. Main article: Deaths in January Main article: Deaths in February Main article: Deaths in March Main article: Deaths in April Main article: Deaths in May Main article: Deaths in June Main article: Deaths in July Main article: Deaths in August Main article: Deaths in September Main article: Deaths in October Main article: Deaths in November Main article: Deaths in December United Nations.

January 6, Retrieved April 14, Archived from the original on September 29, Retrieved September 28, BBC News. January 1, Retrieved January 31, Retrieved July 7, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

June 24, Retrieved June 25, Retrieved February 13, Did you know that you can get Democracy Now! Sign up for our Daily News Digest today! Don't worry, we'll never share or sell your information. The Boko Haram has released a video showing the first images of the kidnapped Nigerian schoolgirls since their abduction nearly one month ago. Three of the girls are interviewed, saying they have not been harmed and have been converted to Islam.

New York Mets at New York Yankees Box Score, May 12, 2014

The Nigerian military says it has deployed 10 search teams in the remote northeastern part of the country, where the girls were seized. Nigerian President Goodluck Jonathan says he does not believe reports the girls have been taken to neighboring Cameroon. And we are working with also the experts that will use the remote sensing to see that wherever they are, we will see.

So the best we can say is that they are within the Sambisa area.

12 may 2014

Yes, I agree there are stories that, oh, they have moved them outside the country, and if they move that number of girls into Cameroon, people will see, so I believe they are still within Nigeria. Both the U. And this is the result of multiple interviews in different locations, people speaking on condition of anonymity within the Nigerian military.

Rosemary Mealy was among the demonstrators to march in New York City. This is just the tip of the iceberg. Pro-Russian groups have claimed a landslide victory for a hastily organized referendum on self-rule in two parts of eastern Ukraine. The vote was held in the regions of Luhansk and Donetsk less than two months after residents in Crimea voted to secede from Ukraine and join Russia. The Russian government says it respects the results of the referendum, but has not indicated any plans to annex eastern Ukraine like it annexed Crimea.

The referendum was held under chaotic circumstances with irregular voting conditions and violence between pro-Russian and pro-Ukrainian forces.

The State Department says U. A Special Operations commander and a CIA officer were apparently getting haircuts in the capital Sanaa last month when two armed militants tried to take them into captivity. A spate of violence continued Sunday when a suicide bomber killed at least 10 Yemeni soldiers in a southern city. The attack was in apparent retaliation for a massive Yemeni campaign that has killed dozens of alleged al-Qaeda fighters in recent weeks.

Earlier today, an apparent U. President Obama delivered a speech in California on Friday touting new efforts on energy efficiency and solar power. Obama unveiled executive actions boosting spending on renewable energy and announced a series of commitments from private and public groups.Skip to main content. They seemed to get just that, as an image of an arriving limousine appeared on the TitanTron; instead of giving the veteran trio time to respond, The Shield took the fight straight to their tormentorssprinting into the back and pouncing on the unsuspecting Evolution, turning them from hunters to hunted in minutes flat.

Who knew? Monday Night would be an easy conscription into his party-hearty posse, because the NXT veteran used both his influence and affluence to lead a fellow Superstar to victory, once again at the expense of Jack Swagger.

Alicia Fox squares off with Divas Champion Paige and then has a bit of a postmatch meltdown. Paige might not be one for pool partiesbut the Divas Champion proved herself quite the Fox-catcher with a decisive win over a former holder of the butterfly title, Alicia Fox, on Raw.

The fox still has claws. Climbing the mountaintop takes its toll. With no timetable for his return, Bryan admitted he was not sure when he would return. But as to the question of whether he would return at all?

After Jey Uso was battered about by all three Wyatts, Jimmy took over to turn the tide before he was shut down with authority by Luke Harper. Evolution is not happy. Batista — a man of few words throughout the entire evening thus far — grabbed hold of a microphone and challenged Roman Reigns to a one-on-one match. Champion proved himself worthy of the gold he wears by breaking out the Cloverleaf for a submission victory.

Like any fighter worth his salt, Sheamus accepted with gusto.

May 12, 2014

Anyone can win one fight, but can the U. Champion Sheamus — a brawler among brawlers — win two fisticuffs in a single evening? As it turns out, yes. The U. Fandango competes against Dolph Ziggler and then "celebrates" his four day anniversary with Layla. His loss to Dolph in the ring was nothing to be particularly ashamed of, either. The two longtime rivals battled with such speed and ferocity that the match was bound to be decided by which workhorse tripped up first.

Ironically, the only one who did the tripping was Layla. An attempted distraction backfired when the former Divas Champion caught her foot in the ring apron, and Ziggler capitalized with a Zig Zag on the distracted Fandango. Layla, I love you. He took the beating intended for Duggan himself, but in saving "Hacksaw," perhaps the former Intercontinental Champion has made a cross-continental enemy he did not intend.

Cody Rhodes attempts to get back to his winning ways against Damien Sandow. Sandow's woes continue. Cody did little to calm his former partner when he cut off a would-be encore of his Pre-Show flare-up, and Sandow responded accordingly by pouncing on his former fellow Rhodes Scholar.

The Shield must defy the odds when they become outnumbered in the main event of Raw. Batista wanted the big dog, and Batista got the big dog. Roman Reigns wanted a fight, and, well, he got one. Just not the kind of fight he was expecting. Chaos ensued and Stephanie McMahon sent a bevy of Superstars after the Houndsthough the men in black battled their way out of the scrum in high style. The hunt continues.

Where to watch USA. Raw: May 12, Chaos erupts again on Raw between The Shield and Evolution. Natalya goes one-on-one with her "Total Divas" co-star Nikki Bella. Featured Superstars.It was the 20th Monday of If you were born on this date your birthday numbers 5, 12 and reveal that your life path number is 6. Your zodiac sign is Taurus with a ruling planet Venusyour birthstone is the Emeraldand your birth flower is the Lily of the valley.

12 may 2014

You are 6 years old, and were born in s, in the middle of Generation Z. The generation you are born into makes an impact on your life. Swipe up to find out what it all means. View must-know May 12, birthday facts that no one tells you about, such as your life path numberbirthstoneruling planetzodiac sign and birth flower. You have been alive for:. People born on this day will turn 7 in exactly. You have been alive for.

You were born in the Year of the Horse. Your birth sign is Taurus with a ruling planet Venus. There were precisely 77 full moons after you were born up to this day. Your billionth second was on will happen sometime on January 18, May 12, was the 20th Monday of that year. It was also the nd day and 5th month of in the Georgian calendar. The next time you can reuse calendar will be in Both calendars will be exactly the same.

There are left before your next birthday. Your 7th birthday will be on a Tuesday and a birthday after that will be on a Thursday. The timer below is a countdown clock to your next birthday. Billboard Hot — May 12, Ask your parents if they remember this popular song. Do you remember the number one song on your 14th birthday? It was [Not available]. No song matches found.

May 12, We have overcelebrities in our database. We will continue to update this list with matching birthdays, so bookmark this page and check back often.

You can also find out all celebrity birthdays born on May 12, Below are some of the most important historical events that happened on 12 May So what does your birthday really say about you and what does your life path number mean? Continue to the next page to discover the answers to the most important questions about your birthday.

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